News Worth Noting: Golden Gate Salmon Association responds to Sacto River temp plan; Final Enviro Docs for transfer between CCWD and Byron Bethany Irrigation District; $6.5 million from feds for drought relief, NOAA 2014 Drought Service Assessment

PrintGolden Gate Salmon Association responds to Sacramento River temperature plan & Shasta operations: John Mc Manus says, “Federal officials admit their actions killed a generation of winter run salmon last year but so far have said little to nothing about the generation of commercially valuable fall run salmon that also died last year. Nor does their current announcement address the likelihood of a second catastrophic year of fall run salmon loss this year. Fall run salmon supply the sport and commercial salmon fishery off both California and most of Oregon. The loss of the 2014 salmon, and the likelihood of a second year of massive salmon death, is obviously a major threat to the salmon industry. Hatchery fish can fill the gap until natural stocks rebound and fishermen shouldn’t have to shoulder all the cost of federal and state mistakes that wiped out one, and maybe two generations of naturally spawning salmon.  Contrary to what the State Water Board press release suggests about a broken thermometer being to blame, GGSA was told by the Bureau of Reclamation that it measured high water temperatures in Lake Shasta as far back as April but simply didn’t believe them because they were inconsistent with what the Bureau’s models suggested the temperatures should be.  … ”  Continue reading here:  GGSA Statement John Mc Manus

ReclamationReclamation Releases Final Environmental Documents for Transfer of Water between Contra Costa Water District and Byron Bethany Irrigation District:  “The Bureau of Reclamation has released the Final Environmental Assessment and Findings of No Significant Impact for the proposed transfer of up to 500 acre-feet of Central Valley Project water facilitated by a storage substitution. The proposed transfer is in response to drought conditions in the San Joaquin Valley.  Under the proposal, Contra Costa Water District would take delivery of up to 500 acre-feet of its water rights water purchased by the Byron Bethany Irrigation District that is currently stored in Los Vaqueros Reservoir. The water rights water would be delivered in-district for use by Contra Costa’s customers. Byron Bethany Irrigation District would then take delivery of up to 500 acre-feet of Contra Costa’s CVP water from the Delta. … ”  Read more from the Bureau of Reclamation here:  Reclamation Releases Final Environmental Documents for Transfer of Water between Contra Costa Water District and Byron Bethany Irrigation District

DOIInterior Announces Latest $6.5 Million in Grant Funding to Help Relieve Drought in California:The Department of the Interior today announced that its Bureau of Reclamation is awarding grants totaling $6.5 million for more efficient management and conservation of California’s water as part of the Obama Administration’s effort to bring relief to drought-stricken communities.  “These are just the latest grants in the President’s all-hands-on-deck campaign to alleviate the impacts of this historic drought in California and throughout the West,” said U.S. Deputy Secretary of the Interior Mike Connor. “The entire government is dedicated to helping respond to continued drought conditions. We know that water is the lifeblood of our communities and every drop counts.” … ”  Read more from the Department of the Interior here: Interior Announces Latest $6.5 Million in Grant Funding to Help Relieve Drought in California

noaa logoCalifornia drought:  NOAA 2014 Service Assessment: NOAA commissioned this assessment of its services for decision makers impacted by the historic California drought that began in late 2011 and was exacerbated in 2014. This assessment focuses on (1) documenting impacts highlighted by decision makers interviewed in three sectors: agriculture, water resources, and fisheries; and (2) assessing NOAA’s environmental intelligence suite of services, including data, science, and forecasts provided to decision makers in those sectors. … ” The report contains several dozen findings and recommendations.  Key findings are: improve seasonal prediction, build Full Natural Flow (FNF) water resources modeling; enhance NOAA internal coordination of drought services; and promote and implement sub-regional or watershed-specific projects.  Read the assessment here:  California Drought: NOAA 2014 Service Assessment

cadiz100x130Cadiz Inc. Enters Strategic Groundwater Storage Development Agreement with Semitropic Water Bank: “Today Cadiz Inc. CDZI, +9.18% (“Cadiz”, the “Company”), principal of the Cadiz Valley Water Conservation, Recovery & Storage Project (“Cadiz Water Project”), is pleased to announce that it has executed a strategic development agreement (“Master Agreement”) with Semitropic Water Storage District, the manager of one of the largest groundwater banking operations in the world. The Master Agreement sets forth principals for collaboration towards strategic opportunities to operate each party’s respective groundwater storage programs for mutual benefit either though exchanges or transfers of water supplies. Through the strategic relationship, the parties will strive to identify opportunities to meet delivery or storage demands of each other’s members and participating partners. The initial term of the Master Agreement is three years.  ... ”  Read more from Market Watch here: Cadiz Inc. Enters Strategic Groundwater Storage Development Agreement with Semitropic Water Bank

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