News Worth Noting: California Water Alliance Asks Gov. Brown To Keep Water Commitment to Cities, Farmers; Rep. Napolitano Urges Adoption of Reforms to Address Drought; Rep. Huffman says SFSU should work with Tiburon Salmon Institute

Cal Water AllianceCalifornia Water Alliance Asks Governor Brown To Keep Water Commitment to Cities, Farmers & Californians: “The California Water Alliance (CalWA) today urged Governor Jerry Brown to block the unilateral decision by State Water Resources Control Board’s (SWRCB) executive director Tom Howard to interrupt water supplies to 25 million Californians, including farmers who will experience widespread crop losses should the decision stand.  Planning for the management of water temperature in the Sacramento River has always been a collaboration between expert scientists, regulators, operators, districts and stakeholders,” said Aubrey Bettencourt, executive director of CalWA, in a letter to the governor. “But now Tom Howard has for some unknown reason been given the power to make decisions without any check or balance. Not only does this undermine the process, but Howard lacks the necessary expertise and authority to alone decide California’s fate.” … ”  Read more from the California Water Alliance here: California Water Alliance Asks Governor Brown To Keep Water Commitment to Cities, Farmers & Californians

grace napolitanoRep. Grace Napolitano Reflects on One-Year Anniversary of WRRDA, Urges Adoption of Reforms to Address Drought:Today, Rep. Grace F. Napolitano (D-El Monte), Ranking Member on the House Transportation Water Resources and Environment Subcommittee, reflected on the one-year anniversary of the enactment of the Water Resources Reform and Development Act of 2014 (WRRDA) and urged adoption of reforms to address the ongoing drought in the West.  “The Corps has been a little slow to implement the reforms contained in WRRDA 2014 – implementation guidance has been issued for only 40% of the provisions. I would have hoped that the Corps swiftly embraced the reforms of WRRDA 2014 but I worry that declining budgets have limited your ability to complete this work. ... ”  Continue reading here: Rep. Napolitano Reflects on One-Year Anniversary of WRRDA, Urges Adoption of Reforms to Address Drought

Jared_Huffman,_Official_portrait,_113th_CongressRep. Jared Huffman: SFSU should work with Tiburon Salmon Institute:  “Congressman Jared Huffman (D-San Rafael) today released the following statement objecting to the abrupt attempted eviction of the Tiburon Salmon Institute by the new Director of the Romberg Tiburon Center and called on San Francisco State University (SFSU) President Leslie Wong to reverse the decision:  “The Tiburon Salmon Institute is managing an effort launched 42 years ago by fisheries conservationists to rear and release salmon smolts into the salmon migration path off the shoreline at the Romberg Tiburon Center. For many years, the Institute has educated thousands of students and community members throughout the San Francisco Bay Area about salmon and their dwindling habitat.  “Last week a new Director at the Romberg Center attempted to abruptly evict the Institute and put its continued existence in jeopardy, to the great disappointment and dismay of me and dozens of community leaders, elected officials, conservation and fishing groups, and countless students and families who support the Institute’s work. … ”  Continue reading here:  Rep. Jared Huffman: SFSU should work with Tiburon Salmon Institute

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