News Worth Noting: More info available on Delta watershed diversions, LAO says limited statewide economic impact of drought; MCWRA responds to water right curtailments & conservation framework; San Diego and LADWP respond to MWD cutback announcement

SWRCB logo water boardsMore Information Available on Delta Riparian and Pre-1914 Watershed Diversions:The Division of Water Rights is making more information available to the public.  On February 4, 2015, an informational order was sent to the top 90% of riparian and pre-1914 users in the Delta and the remaining top 90% of users in the Sacramento and San Joaquin River watersheds requesting supporting documentation for the claimed water rights.  The Division has compiled and organized the documentation it received.   This information is available exclusively at the Division’s File Room in the Cal/EPA Building.  Due to the size of the file, over 16GB, interested parties will need to bring a flash drive with sufficient capacity.  The information will be downloaded for free, provided that you bring your own flash drive.  We cannot provide this information by email due to its size.  In addition, we are unable to provide flash drives to the public. To obtain a download, bring your flash drive to the Water Rights File Room, 2nd Floor, Cal/EPA Building, 1001 I Street, Sacramento, CA.  This service is available from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.  The download takes more than one-half hour.  Therefore, you should plan ahead to complete your download prior to 4:30. The Division has previously indicated that the 2014 water demand data submitted pursuant to the order is available at: .

LAOLAO: Limited statewide economic impact of drought:  “Over the last year, we often have been asked about how California’s severe drought will affect the economy and state government tax revenues. Our short answer is this: while the drought is affecting many Californians and communities in different ways, we currently do not expect the drought to have a significant effect on statewide economic activity or state government revenues. A recent Wall Street Journal survey reportedly showed that the vast majority of economists agree that the economic effects of the drought will either be “too small to show up” in economic data or be “small but measurable in the data.”  That being said, we acknowledge the drought as a risk factor for the state’s economy, especially if its effects worsen or are prolonged. We will continue to monitor data and other researchers’ analyses to try to understand how the drought is affecting California’s economy and state and local tax revenues. (The drought also will continue to result in added state spending, such as wildland firefighting costs, but that added spending is not the focus of this post.) ... ”  Continue reading at the LAO’s office here:  Limited statewide economic impact of drought

MCWRA-Logo-PictureMCWRA responds to Water Right Curtailment Advanced Letters, Conservation Framework, and Legislative Bills:In a letter to the State Water Resources Control Board executive director Tom Howard, MCWRA expressed concerns over an intention to take the unprecedented actions of curtailing vested pre-1914 appropriative rights and requiring reductions of riparian water rights. “We are fully aware that the severity of the drought requires appropriate regulatory action and we support the SWRCB’s adherence to the water right priority system in curtailing post-1914 water rights for the protection of senior water rights, including previously stored water.  However, no regulatory action should be imposed with respect to the long-standing legal rights of pre-1914 senior diverters” said John Kingsbury, Executive Director, MCWRA. … ”  More here: MCWRA responds to Water Right Curtailment Advanced Letters, Conservation Framework, and Legislative Bills

MWD logoMWD approves 15% cuts to water supplies for San Diego County:  “Facing unprecedented drought conditions, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California’s board of directors on Tuesday approved a 15 percent water supply cutback to the San Diego County Water Authority and its other customers starting July 1. That decision is one of several important actions in coming weeks that will impact the San Diego region’s water supplies and conservation targets over the next year.  …  The Water Authority’s Board of Directors will consider establishing fiscal year 2016 water delivery reductions for its 24 member agencies at a special meeting on May 14 along with other regional drought response actions. ... ”  Continue reading at the San Diego County Water Authority here:  MWD approves 15% cuts to water supplies for San Diego County

LADWP-LogoStatement by LADWP General Manager Marcie Edwards on the Metropolitan Board vote:  “LADWP has been closely monitoring and participating in discussions by the MWD and its Board about water allocations for the coming year. As overall statewide water supply conditions have not improved, under the plan adopted by the MWD Board today, Los Angeles’ water supply from MWD will be cut by 15%.  With the leadership of Mayor Eric Garcetti and with our customers responding to his goal of reducing per capita water use by 20% by 2017, we are optimistic that Los Angeles can stay within our water allocation for the year ahead.  However, if we fail to cut back or face an unusually hot summer for the fourth year in a row, any water that we buy above our allocated amount would cost more than double the current price.  We join the Mayor in calling all Angelenos to make a conscious effort to “Save the Drop” and help us manage our water supplies and costs in the coming year. We ask all customers to continue cutting back their water use wherever possible—water your lawn only twice a week max; cash in your lawn in favor of California Friendly landscaping; check for leaks and repair quickly; and take shorter showers. Every drop counts, and we all need to save as much water as we can with the summer still ahead of us.”  (Source here)

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