Website news: Maven’s Notebook recognized with Scientific Journalism Award

Cal Neva AFS award sliderboxCal Neva AFSLast week, I had the pleasure of traveling to Santa Cruz to attend a day of the Cal-Neva chapter of the American Fisheries Society’s conference, and to receive their Scientific Journalism Award – indeed quite an honor, considering previous winners have been Matt Weiser and the late Mike Taugher. It is especially gratifying to be recognized by the scientific community for making an important contribution in helping to bring science forward in the California water discussion. A big thank you to Pat Coulston, Sharon Shiba, and all the folks at the Cal-Neva AFS for giving me the award!

I also want to take a moment to recognize the Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment, the first organization to come along and provide significant support for Maven’s Notebook. I also want to acknowledge the support of the Delta Science Program, the UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences, my Maven’s Club members, as well as the many readers who have contributed various amounts, large and small. While I still struggle to find funding, without the financial support of all of my donors, this website would not be able to exist.

And of course a big heartfelt thank you, my readers, for it is all of you showing up here every day that keeps me showing up here, too!

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  1. Mark Wilson

    Don’t know how you are able to do what you do on such a timely basis. Great job keeping us informed and up to date. The “Road Map” and all the other resources you provide are real contributions to the water policy discussion. Thank you!


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