Friday Flashback: California Water Policy Seminar Series: Farms, floods, fowl and fish on the Yolo Bypass: Can we all get along here?

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Original published: May 12, 2014

The California Water Policy Seminar Series, presented by the UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences and the law school’s California Environmental Law & Policy Center in the spring of 2014, brought together environmental leaders, scientists, agency officials, and others to discuss how water systems can be reconciled to achieve both ecosystem and economic objectives.  The series of talks focused on reconciliation ecology, an emerging discipline that is based on the premise that traditional conservation strategies of designating nature reserves and restoration projects will not afford enough protection to present large-scale extinction, and so proposes that human landscapes and ecosystems be reengineered to accommodate both people and wildlife.

Yolo Bypass Feb 2013 #25In this presentation, Robin Kulakow, executive director of the Yolo Basin Foundation, and Petrea Marchand, a local public policy consultant, join Robyn Suddeth, PhD candidate in hydrologic sciences; William Fleenor, senior researcher; Carson Jeffres, field and lab director; and Richard Howitt, professor emeritus in agricultural and resource economics to discuss the ways to optimize multiple economic and environmental uses of the Yolo Bypass floodway near Sacramento.  The panel was moderated by Peter Moyle, a professor of fish biology at UC Davis.

Peter Moyle began by saying that the discussion today would focus on the Yolo Bypass, which could be a great example of reconciliation ecology. “It’s a big issue here in Yolo County, and it’s one that is potentially important for the future in showing the ways flood plains can be used,” he said.

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