It’s a new year, and a new Notebook! Take a moment to check out all that is new for you …

Happy New Year and welcome back!

Maven has been hard at work over the holidays working on building a new website for you.  I’ve been reorganizing, restructuring, recategorizing and tagging, and tucking in some cool new features that will make it easier than ever to access the content on the website.

Take a moment to page through this power point and take a whirlwind tour of the new website:

There are more features yet to come …
I still have a few things to finish and a few more goodies to add.  I am still looking for an advanced site search with multiple search parameters, and I’m almost done with a set of new agency pages that will also have targeted search features. Soon, I’ll be offering new subscription options, too.  So stay tuned – even more features are on the way!
Just a couple of notes:
1.  There are a few formatting issues on the older content due to conflicts between the old and new theme which I am working to resolve.
2.  I’ve deleted, changed, and added a number of plugins and features.  If you find that the website is missing something or isn’t doing something as it did before, please don’t hesitate to let me know.  Happy to add it back in.
3.  A while back, I changed the image gallery due to some readers with older browsers who were encountering difficulties.  I was told at the time by the WordPress Happiness Engineers that there was a conflict somewhere; I am hoping that the issue may have been resolved in the process of the upgrade.  If anyone is encountering any difficulties with the image galleries (such as used in the water conditions post), please let me know that, too.
In a few weeks after everyone has had a chance to settle into the new format, I’ll put up a reader survey, but in the meantime, if you have any suggestions or reactions you’d like to share or if you are experiencing any problems, please feel free to send me an email.
Regular readers may prefer the Latest Posts page, as this page will retain the exact format and structure of the old website’s home page.
I hope that you will enjoy the new features of the website! And thank you for being a reader of Maven’s Notebook.
Best to you in 2015!
With warm regards,
Maven 🙂
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