Website news: Maven’s Notebook will be going uncharacteristically dark for the next two days

Disneyland CastleYes, folks, it does happen.

Usually pretty much every where I go, near and far, I am toting my computer somewhere with me, ready to update the website whenever necessary.  I’ve posted from campsites, while sitting at conferences, and even breaking news from alongside I-5.

Yes, 363 days a year, I am dedicated to my mission.

However, for two days every year in what has become a wonderful holiday tradition, I take my kids to Disneyland.  It’s probably the best Christmas gift that I could get, that my teenaged sons – 16 and 14 and all that comes with that – still want to go to Disneyland with their mom.  So for the next two days, I am solely dedicated to my kids and to having fun.  No computer and no posting, there just isn’t time.  I’ll be back at the helm on Wednesday, posting the results from Tuesday’s snow survey, the Daily Digest, and a look at the top stories of 2014.

In the meantime, I invite you to check out the new front page.  With this new format, the top stories will hang around a little bit longer.  Try out the new menus for different ways to sort the content, and check out the sidebar for the new agency pages and ‘hot topics’. Resources such as the BDCP Road Map and the directories are accessible from the footer now. For the familiar, sequential post format, choose the “Latest Posts” from the menu bar.

I am mostly done with the website upgrade; I am quite happy with it, and I hope you will be, too.  The upgrade went much faster than I had anticipated, although there’s a few more things to be done (better search functions, a few more agency pages to be built, and yes, most definitely figuring out how to stabilize the sliderbox).  But, alas, not for the next two days …

Disneyland and the California Adventure await! 🙂

With warm regards,


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