News Worth Noting: Lindsey slough restoration project, 100 years of CA water rights system, tipping points for sea level rise-related flooding

dfw logoCDFW Completes Drought Related Restoration Project at Lindsey Slough, Solano County:The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) recently completed an important watershed project for the benefit of fish and wildlife impacted by the state’s historic drought. The Lindsey Slough Restoration Project in Solano County was completed at Calhoun Cut Ecological Reserve in November.  The entire project included excavation and placement of fill at the historic Lindsey Slough to reestablish tidal connection to the historic marsh and channel system and enhance existing marsh habitat and associated vernal pools and grassland. ... ”  Continue reading from the Department of Fish and Wildlife here: CDFW Completes Drought Related Restoration Project at Lindsey Slough, Solano County

waterboard_logoCalifornia Water Rights Law Reaches Milestone: 100 Years and Counting: “In the long and contentious history of water rights in California, one date stands out: Dec. 19, 1914, exactly 100 years ago. That year brought order and structure to California’s previously often chaotic and litigious water rights landscape. It also marks a dividing line in the hierarchy of water rights – an appropriative right is either “Pre-1914” or “Post-1914.” To appropriative water right holders, which side of 1914 their right falls on makes a big difference in how the right is administered and the security of the right, especially in a drought situation. ... ”  Read more from the State Water Board here: California Water Rights Law Reaches Milestone: 100 Years and Counting

noaa logoNOAA establishes tipping points for sea level rise-related flooding:  “By 2050, a majority of U.S. coastal areas are likely to be threatened by 30 or more days of flooding each year due to dramatically accelerating impacts from sea level rise, according to a new NOAA study, published today in the American Geophysical Union’s online peer-reviewed journal Earth’s Future.  The findings appear in the paper From the Extreme to the Mean: Acceleration and Tipping Points for Coastal Inundation due to Sea Level Rise, and follows the earlier study, Sea Level Rise and Nuisance Flood Frequency Changes around the United States, by the report’s co-author, William Sweet, Ph.D., oceanographer at NOAA’s Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services (CO-OPS). The new analysis was presented at a news conference today at the annual AGU fall meeting in San Francisco. … ”  Read more from NOAA here: NOAA establishes ‘tipping points’ for sea level rise related flooding


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