News Worth Noting: Environmental Water Caucus writes Senators Feinstein & Boxer; Lifting of Term 91 conditions for Delta watershed; Habitat Assessment for Shasta Dam Fish Passage; Emergency water for Huron, Delta Cross Channel Gates to close

ewc logoEnvironmental Water Caucus writes Senators Feinstein & Boxer:  ” … Our thirty-plus member organizations are concerned that this legislation may be one of the rare water-related bills with multi-generational implications. How California addresses and manages water supply, water quality, and water export issues will have impacts for years to come. Like both of you, the Environmental Water Caucus (EWC) is deeply interested in sustainable and equitable solutions to California’s water challenges. Toward that end, we produced a guideline document that we would like to discuss with you and your staffs at a meeting in San Francisco as soon as possible in December. EWC’s Responsible Exports Plan is available online. It is essential that all interests have a seat at the table and are provided equal access to the process. … ”  Read the letter here:  Feinstein Boxer Drought Bill Letter

waterboard_logoLifting of Term 91 conditions for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta watershed: “On November 26, 2014, the State Water Resources Control Board, Delta Watermaster Office, lifted the curtailment of diversions under water right permit and license term 91. Standard term 91 prohibits diversion of water under specified conditions.  These conditions occur when stored water (Supplemental Project Water) from the Central Valley Project operated by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation or the State Water Project operated by the California Department of Water Resources is being released to meet water quality standards and other inbasin entitlements in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Watershed. You are hereby notified that the State Water Resources Control Board has determined that supplemental Project water is NOT being released in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Watershed.  Please note:  Curtailment under Term 91 may be re-established at any time if dry conditions persist.”  Read the notices here.

ReclamationReclamation Releases Habitat Assessment for Shasta Dam Fish Passage; Public Webinar Meeting on Thursday, Dec. 4:The Bureau of Reclamation, National Marine Fisheries Service and federal and state partner agencies have released an assessment detailing the ability of two major tributaries to Shasta Reservoir to support the spawning, rearing and migration of Chinook salmon.  The Shasta Dam Fish Passage Evaluation Final Habitat Assessment contains results of surveys of the McCloud River and upper Sacramento River and provides a comparison of habitat for each river system. … Methodology and key results of the surveys will be presented during a subcommittee meeting of the Interagency Fish Passage Steering Committee from 2-4 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 4. The public, riverine landowners and other interested parties are invited to participate in the meeting, which will be held via webinar. … ”  Read more from the Bureau of Reclamation here:  Reclamation Releases Habitat Assessment for Shasta Dam Fish Passage; Public Webinar Meeting on Thursday, Dec. 4

Westlands-Water-DistrictWestlands Approves Emergency Water for Rural Westside City of Huron:During its monthly meeting held yesterday, Westlands Water District Board of Directors unanimously approved making water available to the City of Huron, as the City struggles with a desperate situation of diminishing water resources in the face of the drought. As the State of California experiences unprecedented water supply conditions, and many rural communities are struggling to meet basic water needs for their residents, the City of Huron has experienced the same perilous situation. It recently approached Westlands about acquiring water to enable it to meet the City’s water needs. Westlands Water District Board President Don Peracchi stated, “We are very pleased to be able to assist one of our local, rural communities during this difficult situation. Every day we hear of another family or community succumbing to a dry well. Unfortunately, situations like these are becoming all too commonplace.” ... ”  Continue reading here: Westlands Approves Emergency Water for Rural Westside City of Huron

ReclamationReclamation to close Delta Cross Channel Gates:  “The Bureau of Reclamation will close the Delta Cross Channel Gates on Monday, Dec. 1, at approximately 9 a.m. The temporary closure is needed to maintain minimum flow requirements for fish protection in the Bay-Delta per the National Marine Fisheries Service Biological Opinion. The gates will remain closed until further notice.  The Delta Cross Channel Gates control the diversion channel near Walnut Grove about 30 miles south of Sacramento. When the gates are open, fresh water is drawn from the Sacramento River into the interior of the Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta through Snodgrass Slough and the Mokelumne River; they also allow for boat traffic to pass. When closed, the gates prevent salmon from being diverted from their migratory route up the Sacramento River. … ”  A little bit more from the Bureau of Reclamation here:  Reclamation to close Delta Cross Channel Gates

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