Website notes: Holiday posting schedule, and changes on the way

Just wanted to let you know of a few things …

Holiday posting schedule … somewhat lighter

With the Thanksgiving holiday week upon us, the schedule here will be somewhat modified.  Yes, I am actually going to take some time off.  Long time readers know that this is highly unusual … but due to multiple factors, this year, I haven’t dragged the family off into the wilderness anywhere, so I’m headed out with husband, teenagers, and dog to the Colorado River to spend the holiday in the finest tentsite our money can buy.  Which does include electricity, water, and wi-fi, by the way – pretty darn deluxe.  Even so, I am really going to try not to work.  (At least not too much.)

So the posting will be somewhat modified towards the end of the week. There won’t be any Daily Digest on Thursday or Friday, and Thursday’s science news will be taking the holiday off. For Thanksgiving Day, I have a special post planned and on Friday, a post of my best photoblog posts (mostly infrastructure related), so there will still be reasons to stop by.  The Daily Digest will return with the weekend edition on Sunday, November 30th.

And of course, breaking news, should any occur, will be posted … !

Changes on the way …

The time has come to revamp the website, something I have been planning for awhile but have lacked the time to do.  The new format will have a radically different front page, but there will also be a page that will display it much the same as it appears now.  Although I plan to do most of the work in between Christmas and New Year holidays, there is some internal restructuring work for me to be working on in the meantime, most of which you’ll probably not notice. However, if you sign on in the middle of the night, you may catch me working on the new format.

I have ideas on ways to thread the posts together and to organize posts around topics which I’ll be working on implementing at the same time. I’m also looking for a way to provide an advanced search for the archives, as well as launching a new project to replace the research and publications page with a searchable database.

A new look and new features for 2015, so stay tuned … there is much more to come!

And lastly …

High on my list of things to be thankful for this year is the continued growth in readership of the website, and most especially each and every one of you who show up every day.  Thank you for being a reader!

May you and your family have an enjoyable and peaceful Thanksgiving holiday.

With warmest regards,




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