News Worth Noting: Delta Watermaster Report on local water governance in the Delta, Water bond fact sheet, Weekly drought monitor report, Chevron settles with State Water Board, and more …

waterboard_logoNew Delta Watermaster report on local water governance in the Delta: Delta Watermaster Craig Wilson has completed his last report as his 4-year term will be complete at the end of the month: “As the Sacramento San Joaquin Delta (Delta) evolved from an historic tidally-influenced marshland to a diverse agricultural region, local water governance structures also evolved to meet the water needs of the area.  The purpose of this report is to outline the development of these local water governance structures. …After describing the evolution of water authorities in the Delta, this report then explains the two tiers of authorities that exist today: the three Delta Water Agencies that combined encompass virtually the whole of the legal Delta, and reclamation districts –special districts generally formed to reclaim any land subject to overflow. (Wat.Code§ 50110.) While many reclamation districts are responsible only for flood control and levee maintenance; several reclamation district s also have water supply responsibilities. The report describes three such entities.”  Read the report here:  Local Water Governance in the Delta

moneyTwo page fact sheet on AB 1471, otherwise known as ‘The Water Quality, Supply and Infrastructure Improvement Act of 2014’, or ‘water bond’, oftentimes goes by Prop 1:  The Assembly Water, Parks, And Wildlife Committee has released a two-page fact sheet on the AB 1471 (the water bond).  Fact Sheet on AB 1471.  To read the bill text, go here:  Text of the bill.

Drought monitor USWeekly Drought Report: 2014 Water Year ends with dry conditions across California and the Sierra Nevada: “The National Water and Climate Center publishes a weekly report in cooperation with the National Drought Mitigation Center and other Federal agencies. The report focuses on precipitation, temperature and snowpack conditions in the western U.S., and includes a national drought summary.  September 30 marks the end of the 2014 Water Year which produced a continuation of markedly dry conditions in California, Nevada and parts of the Southwest.  Above normal precipitation was reported for the Water Year in Wyoming and the central Rockies.”  Read the weekly report here:  Weekly Snowpack and Drought Monitor Update

waterboard_logoChevron, State Water Board Reach $1.66 Million Settlement on Underground Storage Tank Allegations:The State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) has entered into a $1.66 million settlement agreement with Chevron Corporation to resolve Chevron’s alleged violation of regulations that prohibit companies from double billing for underground storage tank (USTs) cleanup costs. The settlement follows a series of legal actions begun when a third party filed a complaint alleging that Chevron defrauded the State Water Board’s UST cleanup fund by seeking reimbursement from the fund for leaking UST remediation work, after already being reimbursed for cleanup costs at the same sites through other means. ... ”  Read more from the State Water Resources Control Board here:  Chevron, State Water Board Reach $1.66 Million Settlement on Underground Storage Tank Allegations

waterboard_logoWater Board to Require City of Calistoga to Correct Discharge Violations:The San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board is proposing to require the City of Calistoga increase storage of its treated wastewater and control sources of a pollutant found in water from hot springs that could make Napa River unsafe to drink. The requirements are to correct recent discharge violations from the City’s wastewater treatment plant that threaten to degrade water quality in the Napa River.  … ”  Read more from the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board here:  Water Board to Require City of Calistoga to Correct Discharge Violations

mcwd logoOrmat presents grossly inadequate plan to monitor the impacts of its controversial geothermal expansion project:The Mammoth Community Water District (MCWD) today released a preliminary analysis of a Monitoring Response Plan (MRP) prepared by Ormat Technologies, Inc. (Ormat) for the controversial Casa Diablo IV Geothermal Development Project (Casa Diablo IV). A draft outline of Ormat’s MRP was distributed during the spring of this year. MCWD reviewed the outline and presented comments that were numerous, extensive, and crucial to the development of an effective plan that would protect the community’s water supply. However, Ormat finalized the plan in May without incorporating any of the comprehensive comments that MCWD had provided on the plan outline. … ”  Read more from the Mammoth Community Water District here:  Ormat presents grossly inadequate plan to monitor the impacts of its controversial geothermal expansion project

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