Estuary News: Defter Delta Restoration

From Estuary News:

rgb-Restoration-Sites_AP_estuary_partnership_2014-0903srb“An issue paper endorsed by the Delta Stewardship Council this August seeks to spark progress throughout the myriad stages of habitat restoration. As public and private interests gear up to help endangered fish and migrating birds by restoring habitats in six priority zones of the Delta and Suisun Marsh, this paper lays out tools and concepts for getting the most out of these investments and learning from our mistakes. The paper details steps for achieving effective restoration, reviews barriers such as conflicts with existing land uses and the complexity of permitting processes, and recommends strategies for addressing these challenges.

Just 19 pages with well-organized links and numerous tangible examples, it’s
a smooth overview of ways to organize our thoughts and actions as California embarks on large-scale restoration in the Delta with few pennies, failing species, and ambivalent local landowners. Throw in drought and sea level rise and the way forward is no shining path, to say the least. … ”

Continue reading this article at Estuary News here:  Defter Delta Restoration

CoverEstuaryNewsSept2014-v8-e1410983873695This article is from the September issue of Estuary News.  Click here for the full issue.

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