State Water Board looking for recommendations on improving the enforcement of water rights during drought conditions

Do you have ideas on how the State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) could more effectively divvy up the water in these dry years?  Then State Water Board staff wants to hear from you.

With the possibility that this exceptionally dry year could quite possibly turn into another, the emergency resolution adopted by the State Water Board in July included a statement of intent to engage stakeholders to gather input on enforcing the water rights priority system under drought conditions with the objective of improving confidence in the tools and analysis that are used to determine water availability relative to water rights priority.

Some of the specific questions staff is soliciting recommendations on include actions to improve the Board’s supporting information and analyses, how information about limited availability of water can be better communicated, what changes should be made to the curtailment process, the effectiveness of the complaint process, and additional actions to prepare for the next dry year or years.

The information gathered will be used to develop a report to the State Water Board on recommended improvements by January 31, 2015. Information can be submitted in writing; State Water Board staff is also available to meet upon request with interested parties to discuss recommendations. In order for comments to be fully considered, they must be received by noon on Wednesday, October 15.

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