News Worth Noting: What business leaders are saying about groundwater, Interactive map for climate data, Enforcement order issued against Tahoe gas station

GVCWhat Business Leaders Are Saying: Protecting California’s Groundwater is Good for the Economy: “Throughout California, business leaders are talking about the need for groundwater management reform as key to ensuring a strong economy that protects jobs and the ability to stay competitive. More local authority to manage groundwater, against the backdrop of a statewide framework, will ensure that our economy stays vibrant.  Gary Toebben, president and CEO, Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce:  “California’s groundwater challenges have reached a crisis level and action can no longer be deferred. The state needs tools to more sustainably manage its groundwater resources. AB 1739 and SB 1168 would help address this issue by enabling local agencies to regulate groundwater pumping, raise funds, permit wells, and develop groundwater management plans.”  … ”  Read more from the Groundwater Voices Coalition here:  What Business Leaders Are Saying: Protecting California’s Groundwater is Good for the Economy

interactive mapInteractive map pinpoints climate monitoring sites, reports, and data:The National Water and Climate Center (NWCC) recently introduced a new, interactive map. The map provides easy navigation to NRCS and other network monitoring stations. Simply click on a site to get station information and data.  Multiple data types can be selected, and map controls allow filtering to geographic regions (such as states or watersheds) and elevation zones. The map also offers different background layers and boundary overlays.”  Click here to open the map.

waterboard_logoLahontan Water Board issues enforcement order against South Lake Tahoe gas station after contaminant found in drinking water well:Recent sampling of a drinking water well at a motel near the Nevada state line in South Lake Tahoe revealed the presence of the contaminant MTBE (methyl tertiary butyl ether) at concentrations above the drinking water standard for taste and odor . As a result, the Lahontan Regional Water Board has issued a new enforcement action against Tahoe Tom ’s Gasoline Station, at 4029 Lake Tahoe Boulevard in South Lake Tahoe. The gasoline station, which is near the motel, has been the source of past releases of petroleum products from gasoline underground storage tank pipelines and dispensers going back to 1991.  ... ”  More from the State Water Resources Control Board here:  Lahontan Water Board issues enforcement order against South Lake Tahoe gas station after contaminant found in drinking water well

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  1. tsac0008

    I am totally for mandatory groundwater monitoring and management where overuse and anthropogenic contamination, significantly impacting domestic use has been determined. The taking of others rightful groundwater just because they can afford a bigger straw is unconscionable and the contaminating of others groundwater just because you have well paid lobbyists is also no excuse. The Tulare Basin and Central Coast farming regions should be subject to manditory groundwater monitoring and management with the goal of restoring groundwater levels while reducing contaminant levels.


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