News Worth Noting: Meral urges legislature to pass amended water bond, PacificCorp agrees to reservoir drawdown in Klamath region, enviro docs for temp change in water quality requirements for the DMC, Vidak’s statement on $8.7B bond, 2015 Clean Water Act Non-Point Source Grant Program

NHIJerry Meral with the Natural Heritage Institute urges lawmakers to pass an amended water bond:  In a letter addressed to state legislative leaders, he writes:  “Thank you for your diligent work to develop a water bond that is fiscally prudent, responsive to the state’s water needs, and balanced with respect to environmental quality and water supply. Our organization supports Proposition 43, and will almost certainly support any water bond agreed upon by the Legislature and the Governor.  To assure the success of your good efforts, we suggest that you pass an amended water bond but place it on the November, 2016 ballot. We take this position for two reasons. ... ”  Read the letter here:  letter to legislators august 10 2014

ReclamationPacifiCorp Agrees to Reservoir Drawdown to Lessen Impacts of Water Shortage in Reclamation’s Klamath Project:The Bureau of Reclamation and PacifiCorp have announced that, due to the drought conditions being experienced in the Klamath Basin during the 2014 water year, PacifiCorp has agreed to a proposal which will allow flexibility in managing water currently stored in its Klamath River hydroelectric reservoirs.  Under the proposal, PacifiCorp would release up to 20,000 acre-feet of water from its reservoirs, as needed, to meet required Iron Gate Dam releases pursuant to the 2013 joint Biological Opinions for Reclamation’s Klamath Project in such a way to ensure Upper Klamath Lake remains above specified minimum elevations.  After the irrigation season has concluded, Reclamation and PacifiCorp will meet and discuss the timing of returning water to the hydroelectric reservoirs, in a manner that is consistent with the BiOp. … ”  Read more from the Bureau of Reclamation here:  PacifiCorp Agrees to Reservoir Drawdown to Lessen Impacts of Water Shortage in Reclamation’s Klamath Project

ReclamationReclamation Releases Final Environmental Documents for Temporary Change in Water Quality Requirements for Groundwater Introduced into Upper Portion of Delta-Mendota Canal:The Bureau of Reclamation today released final environmental documents for the proposed approval of a temporary change in the maximum acceptable concentration of selenium for groundwater introduced into the upper portion of the Delta-Mendota Canal through Aug. 30, 2014.  The proposed action is in response to drought conditions in the San Joaquin Valley.  These introductions would only occur prior to the fall delivery season for refuges as agreed to by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and Grasslands Water District.  … ”  Read more from the Bureau of Reclamation here:  Reclamation Releases Final Environmental Documents for Temporary Change in Water Quality Requirements for Groundwater Introduced into Upper Portion of Delta-Mendota Canal

vidakSenate Republicans Offer New $8.7 Billion Water Bond Proposal To Meet CA’s Needs: With time running out to place an alternative water bond on the November ballot that will help provide a safe and reliable water supply for California, Senate Republicans today introduced SB 1013 – The Clean, Safe, and Reliable Drinking Water Supply Act of 2014.  It meets Governor Brown’s demand for a “no-frills” water bond that is less costly than the Proposition 43 water bond that will be on the November 2014 ballot. It also provides the necessary funding to help build two new reservoirs that will provide desperately needed water storage to capture water in wet years for use in dry periods.  “The current drought has made it even more clear that Californians are looking for real solutions to provide a reliable statewide water supply and time is running out to find a lower-cost alternative to the current bipartisan water bond (Proposition 43) that can get enough votes to pass out of this Legislature,” said Senate Republican Leader Bob Huff (R-Diamond Bar.)   “Our caucus has continued to work with Democrats on an alternative water bond but they have not offered any viable solutions.  Our legislation provides a statewide approach to improving water management, and it truly meets the co-equal goals of water supply reliability and Delta ecosystem restoration.” ... ”  Read more from Senator Andy Vidak here: Senate Republicans Offer New $8.7 Billion Water Bond Proposal To Meet CA’s Needs

cwf logoWhat People Are Saying About The Need to Better Manage California’s Groundwater, Provided by the Groundwater Voices Coalition:Throughout California, stakeholders and media are supporting the call to fix the state’s broken groundwater management system. A State Framework with Tools and Guidelines for Locals to Manage Groundwater is Needed: “The standard line in water politics is to call for local control over any new water rules. However, even among farmers, there is growing acknowledgements that local agencies may have neither the political will nor the technical resources to develop and enforce a sustainable groundwater management plan. And to protect the water that belongs to us all, they must.” (San Francisco Chronicle editorial, 7/26/14) ... ”  Read more from the Groundwater Voices Coalition here:  GVC What Theyre Saying 8 8 14 (2)

waterboard_logo2015 Clean Water Act Non Point Source Grant Program solicitation now open:The State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board), Division of Financial Assistance is accepting applications for the Clean Water Act section 319(h) (Clean Water Act 319[h]) nonpoint source grant program (NPS Grant Program).The NPS Grant Program is used to support planning/assessment and implementation projects to improve water quality and restore beneficial uses in total maximum daily load (TMDL) watersheds with comprehensive watershed-based plans . Funds for the NPS Grant Program are appropriated by Congress under Clean Water Act 319(h) to restore waters impaired by NPS pollution. These funds are made available via a grant agreement between the State Water Board and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S.EPA). Eligible applicants include public agencies, nonprofit organizations (501[c][3]), federally recognized Indian tribes, state agencies, public colleges, and federal agencies.” Click here for the solicitation notice.  Click here for the program page.

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