News Worth Noting: Water bond comments from a coalition of advocacy groups and Audubon, Klamath irrigators told to cease irrigation, Conan O’Brien urges Californians to conserve

Advocacy Groups Present Outline for Commonsense $6B Water Bond:  A coalition of environmental and other advocacy groups that includes the Sierra Club and the Planning and Conservation League released this statement yesterday on the Governor’s water bond proposal:  “Today a coalition of environmental and responsible government advocacy organizations released an alternative outline for a pared-down $6B water bond. The coalition has identified priority projects that would improve water security for all Californians, ensure fiscal responsibility in allocating bond funds and eliminate the special interest investments that are driving up costs in the bond proposals put forward to date. The proposal corrects two major deficiencies in other proposals, including the governor’s just-released bond outline. First, it requires accountability and competitiveness for use of taxpayers’ funds. In contrast, one-third of the governor’s proposal would be handed over to unaccountable political appointees for distribution.  … ”  Continue reading here:  Advocacy Groups Present Outline for Commonsense $6B Water Bond

audobonAudubon urges Legislature to Include Resources for Birds and Watersheds in Water Bond:  “With the California Legislature back in session this week and the state’s water bond high on the legislative agenda, Audubon California today urged members of the Senate and Assembly to keep provisions for wildlife refuge water and habitat restoration that are in current versions of the bond. Audubon California representatives emphasized that these provisions were key to their organization’s support for the bond.  “Long-term planning for water in California must include birds and habitat,” said Mike Lynes, Audubon California’s Director of Public Policy. “California’s refuges are the last remnants of the vitally important wetland habitat, supporting millions of migratory birds, including ducks, geese, other waterfowl and shorebirds. We need to prioritize basic resources for refuges in the state’s water bond.” … ”  Read more here: Legislature Urged to Include Resources for Birds and Watersheds in Water Bond

Klamath KWUA logoFifty Thousand Acres in the Klamath Reclamation Project Notified to Cease Irrigation Due to Drought, ESA:  “One dozen irrigation and water districts as well as many individual water users, who farm nearly 50,000 acres in the Klamath Reclamation Project, have been notified that they have no remaining water available for use from Upper Klamath Lake.  The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) notified the districts and water users, referred to as Warren Act contractors, that their water supplies were being curtailed due to worse than predicted inflows to Upper Klamath Lake, ESA requirements for downstream releases, and an ESA end-of-season lake elevation requirement.  Van Brimmer Ditch Company, Klamath Irrigation District and Tulelake Irrigation District – which are deemed to have higher priority contracts in the Klamath Reclamation Project – have not been notified to shut down at this time.  Farmers expressed frustration about the uncertainty they face every year due to water management decisions being driven by ESA demands. … ”  Read more from the Klamath Water Users Association here:  Release_ Klamath Project Districts Notified to Cease Irrigation

Click here to visit the NRDC's page on the California drought.Conan O’Brien Urges Californians to Save Water During Historic Drought: “Iconic comedian and television talk show host Conan O’Brien and sidekick Andy Richter may always be looking for laughs, but they’re taking California’s historic drought seriously by joining the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and the State of California’s drought awareness program, Save Our Water, in creating a new series of public service announcements to promote water conservation.  Six videos featuring the duo – and their humorous take on simple ways to save water – were released today, challenging Californians to do their part in cutting personal water use by 20 percent.  This new partnership follows the debut of Conan’s first mock drought PSA just a few weeks ago after the State’s recent Emergency Regulations announcement to cut excessive outdoor water waste.  … ”  Read more from the NRDC here:  Conan O’Brien Urges Californians to Save Water During Historic Drought

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