California Water Blog: Reconciling ecosystem and economy

From yours truly at the California Water Blog:

DWR Serpentine WaterwaysA growing number of ecologists say we need to rethink how we go about “saving nature.” We should not attempt to restore a wounded meadow, estuary or wetland to some legendary pristine state, they say. Instead, resource managers should accept that human footprints are everywhere and manage ecosystems for the species and functions we desire.

The approach, known as “reconciliation ecology,” inspired a UC Davis seminar earlier this year on how to manage California’s water systems for both ecosystem and economic objectives. The Center for Watershed Sciences and the California Environmental Law & Policy Center at UC Davis lined up a series of nine public talks by ecologists, biologists, engineers, lawyers and environmental consultants. California water journalist Chris Austin summarizes the presentations. … “

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Photo credit: Department of Water Resources

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