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Bowling Ball Beach (Point Arena)

Bowling Ball Beach (Point Arena)

New Assembly Speaker Flunks Water Bond Test, says Chriss Street: They write: “California Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins (D-San Diego) seems to have flunked her first major leadership test by failing to get Governor Brown’s water bond passed during one of California’s worst droughts.  Following a failed attempt by Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento) to spike the size of a California water bond to $10.5 billion water bond last week, Democrat Governor Jerry Brown stepped in to cajole both houses to pass an affordable $6 billion measure.  … ”  Continue reading at here: New Assembly Speaker Flunks Water Bond Test

California’s ‘treading water’ bond: Rod Smith at the Hydrowonk blog writes: “The California Legislature will recess today without achieving a long-standing and urgent objective: find a substitute for the $11.14 billion water bond on this November’s ballot.  In a July 1st interview with Capitol Public Radio, Assembly Speaker Atkins (D-San Diego) said that a water bond deal can be reached in August if interest groups accept less money than they want.  Given California’s tradition of state funding of water, this is a tall order:  Can California’s water establishment reinvent themselves in a few weeks? ... ”  Read more from the Hydrowonk blog here: California’s “Treading Water” Bond  Follow-up:  The Hydrowonk discusses the deadline for the November ballot here:  California’s “Treading Water” Bond, Part Deux

Frustration at ground zero: Still Without Water, Friant Leaders Air Dissatisfaction With USBR Management: The Friant Waterline writes: “Frustration over U.S. Bureau of Reclamation management that is resulting in no Central Valley Project water deliveries within the parched Friant Division is mounting among aggravated directors and district managers, one of whom termed Friant as “Ground Zero” for the state’s massive drought crisis.  The emotional discussion occurred during a June 26 Friant Water Authority board meeting in Visalia and was directed largely at Michael Jackson, Reclamation’s Area Manager in Fresno. … ”  Read more from the Friant Waterline here:  Frustration at ‘ground zero’

Delta outflow hovers around zero, makes water transfers risky: The California Spigot blog writes: “There is no fresh water flowing out of the Delta on this early July day in summer and hasn’t been since May, new data is showing. The only water surging in and out are the salty tides, which continually threaten fish and fresh water pumps serving people throughout the state.  This is the apparent condition of the Delta, according to state-of-the-art flow monitors operated by the USGS in four locations near Rio Vista and Brannon State Park (among others), where fresh water meets salty and becomes brackish. … ”  Continue reading from the California Spigot blog here: Delta outflow hovers around zero, makes water transfers risky

American River fish hatcheries evacuated as water is mismanaged, says Dan Bacher: He writes: “The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) evacuated about 1 million rainbow trout from the American River Fish Hatchery and nearly 430,000 fingerling steelhead from Nimbus Fish Hatchery in Rancho Cordova by June 30. This was due to concerns that the cold water pool in Folsom Lake will become depleted, resulting in lethally warm water conditions in the American River below Nimbus Dam that supplies the water for both hatcheries. The evacuation of the hatcheries and the depletion of the cold water water takes place after 2013, a record drought year when the Bureau of Reclamation drained Folsom Lake to a record low level, 17 percent of capacity and 32 percent of average, in order to export water to corporate agribusiness interests, oil companies conducting fracking and steam injection operations in Kern County, and Southern California water agencies.  … ”  Read more from Dan Bacher at the Fish Sniffer here:  American River fish hatcheries evacuated as water is mismanaged

Nobody gets what they want, says the Delta National Park blog:  John Bass writes:  “Glad to see the ever-languishing poll numbers on the “give us the tunnel then we’ll give you habitat” conservation plan. You name the reason—the rise of anti-tax constituencies and the environmental movement, smart urban conservation policies, a diversified, ag-independent economy, the growing influence of Native rights—a 1950s answer to a 2014 question was never going to fly.  As we near the end of this round of the California water struggle, every constituency is weighing what they are going to give up and what they are going to get. … ”  Read more from the Delta National Park blog here:  Nobody gets what they want

Center for Biological Diversity proves how BDCP fix is in, says Burt Wilson:  He writes:  “Last Thursday evening, Chelsea Tu, a charming and brilliant environmental attorney with the Center for Biological Diversity spoke at the weekly meeting of the North Delta Cares Committee in Clarksburg. Using a dynamic slide presentation she cleanly picked apart the Implementation Agreement (IA) of the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP), showing everyone just why the fix is “in” when it comes to the Bay Delta Conservation Plan!  It’s tantamount to discovering that the “wheel” in “Wheel of Fortune” has been rigged! ... ”  Read more from Burt Wilson here:  Center for Biological Diversity proves how BDCP fix is in

Groundwater and the dreaded ‘A’ word: Alex Brietler writes: “After hearing hours of debate about emergency rules to cut off farmers from their water supply, Tom Howard dropped the “A” word:  Adjudication.  Obviously, the debate about curtailments was hot and heavy because this is a critically dry year. ... ”  Read more from Alex Breitler’s blog here:  The “A” word

Why no outcry over mining groundwater in Stanislaus County, asks the Valley Citizen blog:  Eric Caine writes: “Probably the most prevalent myth about groundwater is that we don’t know how much is being pumped. The seal of secrecy goes all the way to the state level with a long practice of concealing well records even from scientific inquiry.  But the mystification about how much water is being pumped is nothing more than a shell game. It’s a distraction meant to confuse and silence the public. … ”  Read more from the Valley Citizen blog here: Why No Outcry Over Mining Groundwater?

Landscape expert predicts $4 gallon water: “The landscaping expert for PBS’ home-improvement franchise This Old House predicts water will be $4 a gallon in order to “cut down on consumption.”  This may sound alarmist, but PBS star Roger Cook is dead serious. Some of the fastest-growing areas in the U.S. are in the Southwest and far West, in areas that are becoming unable to support residents in the style to which they’ve become accustomed–fountains, pools, lush green lawns and all. ... ”  Read more from here: PBS’ ‘This Old House’ Expert Warns Water Prices Will Skyrocket

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