The internet guide to the Bay Delta Conservation Plan

laptop_worldwide_connected_800_clr_5154The comment period for the Bay Delta Conservation Plan will draw to a close on July 29, reaching an important milestone on the road to a decision point.  Of course, we’re not there yet.  After the public comment period closes, the comments will be considered and the substantive comments responded to, and final documents prepared.  Those documents will then be submitted to the state and federal agencies for approval and permit authorization, after which implementation could begin.

So whether you’re still working on your comments or you just want to poke around a little more, I’ve assembled a cadre of internet resources on the plan, starting with ….

BDCP Road Map NewThe Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP) Road Map

Did you wait until the last minute, and now you’re looking at 40,000 pages and you don’t know where to begin? Or maybe you just to find a map of the tunnel alignment, or read about the impacts to agriculture in the Delta. Whether you want to dive deep into the document or perhaps just find a particular section, the BDCP Road Map is your guide to finding your way around the massive amount of documents and downloads.

Check out the details of the new facilities, find out about the project’s impacts, and learn how climate change was incorporated into the BDCP, and more. Sections of the documents have been extracted and organized by topic, and most of the drawings have been jpeg’d for your viewing and downloading pleasure. It couldn’t be more easier!  It’s all there for you – the BDCP Road Map makes it easy. So are you ready to roll?  Yes! Take me to the Road Map!

The Bay Delta Conservation Plan website

bdcp logoThe Bay Delta Conservation Plan website has a lot of information aimed at helping to explain the plan. Check out these additional resources:

economic analysisThe Economics of the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP):

for logoBay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP) Comment Library

  • Nearly 1000 comments from agencies, organizations, and individuals have been submitted on the plan.  You can read all the comments at the Friends of the River webpage here:  BDCP Comment Library

Logo3Coverage on Maven’s Notebook

  • Maven’s Notebook has been the premier source of information on the Bay Delta Conservation Plan, covering extensively the numerous public meetings, agency meetings, and other events.  You can read through the archive of original news coverage here:  BDCP News


BDCP webpages at participating agencies:

Stakeholder and interest group websites

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