News Worth Noting: Principles for sharing design & construction of BDCP facilities, Temporary Urgency Change Petitions approved for Merced ID, Enviro docs for transfer to Alameda County, MWD ratchets up call for conservation, San Diego Water Authority supports city’s recycled water project

bdcp logoPrinciples for Sharing Design and Construction Oversight for Proposed New Water Facilities: “If the Bay Delta Conservation Plan is approved, public water agencies and the State of California will embark on one of the largest infrastructure modernization projects in the country.  The currently proposed project includes three new Sacramento River intakes and 30-mile long, large diameter tunnels with a price tag of $14.5 billion.  It is the first significant local investment in statewide water infrastructure since the construction of the State Water Project in the 1960s.  … ”  Read more from the BDCP website here: Principles for Sharing Design and Construction Oversight for Proposed New Water Facilities

waterboard_logoState Water Board approves Temporary Urgency Change Petitions for Merced Irrigation District:On May 22, 2014, the State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) issued a modified order approving temporary urgency changes in terms and conditions of Merced Irrigation District’s Licenses 11395 and 11396 (Applications 16186 and 16187).  The original approval order was issued by the State Water Board on April 22, 2014.  Based on a request from the Petitioner, Condition 17 of the original order was revised in the modified order.  The modified order may be viewed at:  In order to be fully considered, comments on the April 22 order and May 22 amended order must be submitted by noon on Tuesday, June 3, 2014.”

ReclamationReclamation Releases Draft Environmental Documents for the Transfer of Water to Alameda County Water District:The Bureau of Reclamation has released for public review draft environmental documents for the transfer of 5,000 acre feet of Contra Costa Water District’s Central Valley Project water to Alameda County Water District. Under the terms of the transfer, CCWD would use 5,000 acre feet of previously stored water in Los Vaqueros Reservoir for its in-district needs. In return, ACWD would receive an equal amount of CCWD’s CVP water via a transfer from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. The CVP water would be taken at Clifton Court Forebay and delivered to ACWD’s service area by way of the South Bay Aqueduct. Delivery of the CVP water outside of CCWD’s service area requires Reclamation approval. The Draft Environmental Assessment and Finding of No Significant Impact Draft were prepared in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act, and are available online at Read more from the Bureau of Reclamation here:  Reclamation Releases Draft Environmental Documents for the Transfer of Water to Alameda County Water District

MWD logoMetropolitan Water District ratchets up call for conservation:  “With Memorial Day weekend signaling the unofficial start of summer, leaders of Southern California’s primary water import agency today ratcheted up the appeal for additional conservation to help lower demands and preserve the region’s water reserves should the statewide drought carry into 2015. Newly elected Metropolitan Water District Board Chairman Randy Record and General Manager Jeffrey Kightlinger delivered the serious water-saving request while cautioning about significant withdrawals from Southland water reserves to meet demands this year, just two years after building up those storage accounts to historic high levels. The agency’s imported supplies provide about half the water used in the region. “Summer is around the corner and we are asking people in Southern California to do what they can to lower their water use during the upcoming hot months, especially cutting back on their outdoor watering where up to 60 percent of water is used,” Record said. “Consumers and businesses can make a difference this summer by taking immediate action to lower demand,” he added. “Every gallon of water saved this summer is one more gallon we can keep in reserve.”  … ” Read more here:  Ratching Up Conservation Revised FINAL

san diego county water authority logoSan Diego County Water Authority Board Supports City of San Diego’s Potable Reuse Project:The San Diego County Water Authority’s Board of Directors on Thursday approved a formal resolution supporting the city of San Diego’s proposed large-scale water recycling project Pure Water San Diego, which the Water Authority has identified as the region’s most likely next source of local supply.  …  “Projects such as Pure Water San Diego are critical to the continued success of our regional water supply diversification strategy,” said Thomas V. Wornham, Chair of the Water Authority’s Board of Directors. “The city of San Diego is not only leading the way locally, but it’s blazing regulatory and scientific trails that one day could benefit all Californians. The Water Authority has long supported these efforts and will continue assisting San Diego and other member agencies that are pioneering potable reuse.” … ”  Read more from the San Diego County Water Authority here: Water Authority Board Supports City of San Diego’s Potable Reuse Project

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