News Worth Noting: DFW continues trucking salmon, drought putting squeeze on California citrus, Delta Conservancy newsletter, and CRS report on the EPA’s proposed rule to define “waters of the United States”

FWS Pac SWCDFW Trucks Salmon Smolts to the Golden Gate to Help them Avoid Predators: “California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) biologists and the Commercial Salmon Trollers Advisory Committee are continuing an experimental project to help California’s ocean-bound juvenile salmon, in hopes of increasing survival rates. On April 8, for the third year, CDFW staff will fill a boat with approximately 100,000 young Chinook (called smolts) and move it down the Sacramento River to San Francisco Bay. Upon arrival, the smolts will be released in the Bay, where they will swim into the sea and grow to adulthood before returning upriver to spawn. … ”  Read more from the California Department of Fish & Game here:  CDFW Trucks Salmon Smolts to the Golden Gate to Help them Avoid Predators

California Farm Water CoalitionCalifornia Drought Puts Tight Squeeze On Citrus:California’s drought is having an impact on real people who grow food, provide jobs and contribute to the state’s economy. Many farmers in the federal Central Valley Project’s Friant Division who face a zero water allocation this year stand to lose their crop, the investment in a productive citrus grove and possibly the farm itself because the trees they have cultivated for years will die. Long-time employees will be looking for other jobs or moving out of the area. Local businesses that process and ship farm products won’t have the oranges and lemons they normally have to send to markets throughout California and across the United States. This is the worst water supply year many farmers have ever faced. The following profiles provide a glimpse into the looming crisis for three farmers and the manager of a rural irrigation district. … ”  Read more from the California Farm Water Coalition here:  CFWC California Drought Puts Tight Squeeze on Citrus

delta conservancyDelta Conservancy’s Spring Newsletter is now available.  In this month’s issue, articles include information on the Delta branding program, recent habitat and climate change workshops, and the Conservancy’s efforts in water quality and environmental eduction.  To read the issue, click here:  Delta Conservancy Spring Newsletter

CongressionalResearchServiceCongressional Research Service report: EPA & Army Corps’ Proposed Rule to Define “Waters of the United States”:  Once again, the Water Wired blog has the details:  ” … This report describes the March 25 proposed rule and includes a table comparing the existing regulatory language that defines ““waters of the United States”” with that in the proposal. The proposed rule is particularly focused on clarifying the regulatory status of waters located in isolated places in a landscape, the types of waters with ambiguous jurisdictional status following the Supreme Court’’s ruling. The proposal does not modify some categories of waters that currently are jurisdictional by rule (traditional navigable waters, interstate waters and wetlands, the territorial seas, and impoundments). Changes proposed in the proposed rule would increase the asserted geographic scope of CWA jurisdiction, in part as a result of the agencies’’ expressly declaring some types of waters categorically jurisdictional (such as all waters adjacent to a jurisdictional water), and also by application of new definitions, which give larger regulatory context to some types of waters, such as tributaries. The proposal does not identify specific waters——particular streams or ponds——that would be jurisdictional as a result of the rule. … ”  Download the full report from the Water Wired blog here:  CRS Report: EPA & Army Corps’ Proposed Rule to Define “Waters of the United States”


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