Late breaking blog news: Tahoe to Tap could ease water woes, LA man’s simple solution for drought, a farmer’s new drought-tolerant crop and more …

lake tahoeThis just in … late breaking blog news … !

Tahoe to Tap could ease California’s water woes:  “A new study shows how Lake Tahoe might serve as a mammoth reservoir that could significantly mitigate California’s chronic water shortages and climate change without tarnishing the lake’s world-renowned beauty.  The development, reported today (April 1) in the scientific journal Limnology Tomorrow, drew surprise and delight from California interests who have long regarded the bi-state alpine lake as politically off limits for new water supply.  “Never in my wildest imagination would I have considered this noble sheet of blue water for expanding California’s surface water storage,” said Michael O’Shaughnessy, a veteran of California’s water wars. “But this study has me thinking that there is indeed a way, politically and economically, to tap Tahoe and bring its pure Sierra snowmelt to our doors.” ... ”  Continue reading from the California Water Blog here:  ‘Tahoe to tap’ could ease California’s water woes

Los Angeles man solves drought with simple plan:  Just use ocean water! At a town hall meeting to discuss California’s drought with Gov. Jerry Brown last night, Brentwood resident Jason Snider wowed the crowd by presenting a plan he calls “Just Use Ocean Water,” which Brown ordered to be implemented immediately.  Snider, a substitute teacher, said in his presentation that he got the idea during a marathon viewing of the TV show Hawaii Five-0. “There are so many shots of ocean water that I thought, ‘Man, I’d sure hate to be thirsty while watching this show.’ And that’s when it hit me.” He added that he had recently read about the drought problem online and easily put two and two together.  “We only need two items, a hose and a tanker truck,” Snider said. ... ”  Read all about it from LA Weekly here:  Area Man Solves Drought With “Just Use Ocean Water” Plan

Army Corps proposes FART plan to revitalize New Orleans:  “In an April 1, 2014 New Orleans press conference, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers New Orleans District Supervisor Col. R.P. ‘Pat’ McGroin announced a mammoth engineering project – the world’s largest – that would completely straighten, widen, and concrete-line the Mississippi River between New Orleans and Baton Rouge. The project, formally titled FART – Fix America’s River Transportation – has been sought by petrochemical and shipping companies for years, whose many facilities line that reach of the river.   “Let’s clear the air: FART is real, red-blooded, kick-ass, take-no-prisoners American engineering at its best,” McGroin said. “It’ll make Boston’s Big Dig look like moving sand in a cat box.” … ”  Read more from the Water Wired blog here:  USACE Proposes FART – ‘Fix America’s River Transportation’ – to Revitalize New Orleans

One farmer’s new solution to the drought:  “The drought, combined with continued protections for endangered species, has forced farmers to find alternatives. Most farmers have already switched to drip irrigation, which is much more efficient than the flood irrigation technique used when water was plentiful. But it still may not be enough, as farmers are now choosing which crops to water – and which to let wither.  Keith Nilmeier is one such farmer. But after a recent trip overseas, this 4th generation farmer took a gamble and has come up with a crop that is drought tolerant and could save the farming industry.:

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