News worth noting: DWR’s new technology to guide fish, update on State Water Board’s 401 Program, Pacific Institute’s new drought website and more …

news worth notingDWR Testing New Technology  to Guide Fish to Safety: “The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) is installing a floating, fish-guidance boom to prevent Chinook salmon migrating to the Pacific from taking a dangerous detour into Georgiana Slough near Walnut Grove. Placid appearing Georgiana Slough leads young salmon through the predator-infested waters of the interior Delta to a dead end at huge state and federal water export pumps. Studies indicate that 65 percent of the young salmon that enter Georgiana Slough don’t survive. Many are eaten by striped bass or other predators, and some are lost to pumping operations of the State Water Project and Central Valley Project in the southern Delta. … ”  Read more from DWR here:  DWR Testing New Technology  to Guide Fish to Safety

State Water Board issues update on 401 Water Quality Certification and Wetlands Program:  “In 2012, the California State Auditor’s Office (State Auditor) conducted an audit of the 401 Water Quality Certification and Wetlands Program.  The final report (2012-120) was issued in June 2013.  The State Auditor made several recommendations on potential improvements to the wetlands program including recommending that the State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) and the Regional Water Quality Control Boards follow a more consistent process when reviewing water quality applications and issuing certifications.  The State Water Board is working on responses to this and other recommendations, and activities required to respond to this audit may be incorporated into the draft Policy.  The State Water Board is required to respond to the State Auditor and make periodic progress reports. ... ”  For more information, including links to the auditor’s report, State Water Board responses, staff level discussion report on a new wetlands policy, and preliminary adoption schedule can be found on this page: Wetland and Riparian Area Protection Policy

Pacific Institute launches drought website:The Pacific Institute has launched a new website at, part of our leadership work in responding to the California drought, come rain or shine, as a “new normal” water future with climate change. With drought impacts already being felt in sectors statewide, the website is an invaluable resource. This compiling of tools, research, and information on the California drought serves to facilitate the work at every level to address current issues and plan strategies in the face of a drier future for California and the western United States.  Visit

Nominations Now Being Accepted for Fisheries Restoration Grant Program Peer Review Committee: “The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) Fisheries Restoration Grant Program (FRGP) is seeking nominations to fill a vacancy on the FRGP Peer Review Committee (PRC).  Pursuant to the Public Resources Code, section 6217, members of the PRC are appointed by the Director of CDFW to provide advice, oversight and recommendations regarding grant funding priorities for the FRGP.  Seven of the PRC’s 14 representatives are recommended by the California Advisory Committee on Salmon and Steelhead Trout. The remaining seven represent the following interests: one representative from the agriculture industry, one representative from the timber industry, one representative of public water agency interests, one academic or research scientist with expertise in anadromous fisheries restoration, and three county supervisors from coastal counties (the county supervisors are recommended by the California State Association of Counties).  Because the FRGP only awards grants to applicants within coastal counties of California, all representatives must reside in or represent interests in coastal counties in which salmon and steelhead exist. … ”  For more information, go to: Nominations Now Being Accepted for Fisheries Restoration Grant Program Peer Review Committee

Marcie Edwards unanimously confirmed as LADWP General Manager:The Los Angeles City Council unanimously confirmed Anaheim City Manager Marcie Edwards today as the new General Manager of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP). Ms. Edwards is the first woman to hold the LADWP’s top job, and is coming back to the utility where she previously worked for 24 years.  Edwards will bring decades of experience in the utility industry to her new post. She ran Anaheim Public Utilities for 13 years prior her appointment as Anaheim City Manager in July 2013. She had previously worked at LADWP for 24 years in numerous positions of increasing responsibility. As the LADWP general manager, she will oversee the nation’s largest municipal utility with an operating budget of $5.5 billion, 8,800 employees and water and power to nearly 4 million Angelenos. … ”  Read more from LADWP here:  Los Angeles City Council Unanimously Confirms Marcie Edwards as LADWP General Manager

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