California Weather Blog: Northern California rain at times this week; amplified North Pacific ridge to return?

From the California Weather Blog:

weather RRR” … While the recent atmospheric river did bring much-needed precipitation to parts of Northern California, California is unquestionably still in the midst of an extraordinary drought. The most recent update of the Drought Monitor depicts a slight (and likely temporary) reduction in the severity of the drought over parts of NorCal that received heavy precipitation from the atmospheric river, but the core of the drought region remains in “exceptional” territory–the most severe categorization. Rainfall intensity was sufficiently high to generate substantial runoff in some regions that were already experiencing critical short-term water shortages–such as the eastern suburbs of Sacramento (i.e. Folsom Reservoir) and communities in Mendocino County (including the Willits area). Inflows to many of NorCal’s major reservoirs spiked over the weekend, and for the first time in many months net storage actually increased statewide.

But what impact did this storm really have in the scheme of things? … “

And, perhaps more importantly, is the Ridiculously Resilient Ridge reorganizing for a resurrection? Find out all the details from the California Weather Blog here:  Northern California rain at times this week; amplified North Pacific ridge to return?

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