News worth noting: Chinook salmon to be released, new draft permit for nutrient discharges for SF Bay, and ACWA establishes Statewide Drought Action Group

news worth notingChinook salmon to be released in the Sacramento River:  “Approximately 193,000 broodyear 2013 winter Chinook salmon reared at Livingston Stone National Fish Hatchery (NFH) in Shasta City, Calif., will be released Monday, February 10 into the Sacramento River at the Caldwell Park boat launch (river mile 299) in Redding, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced today.  Releases generally are timed to coincide with periods of rainfall, which increases flow and turbidity of rivers, enhancing survival of the fish as they make their way to the ocean. Although this is a record dry year in California this release will occur coincident to the storm hitting northern California this weekend to take advantage of the resultant increased flow and turbidity in the river.  Hatchery staff plans to release the fish at dusk at Caldwell Boat Launch.  … ”  Read more from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service here:  Service to Release Endangered Winter Chinook Salmon to the Sacramento River February 10

New draft permit for nutrient discharges into San Francisco Bay from wastewater treatment plants available for public review: The San Francisco Bay Water Board has released for public review a new draft permit for nutrients discharged from municipal wastewater treatment facilities in the Bay Area. This permit will be the first step in a multi-year plan to address a potentially growing problem with nutrients in San Francisco Bay. Recent research shows that reductions in Bay sediments and other factors have made the Bay more susceptible to adverse effects from excess nutrients. These effects include algae blooms and oxygen depletion that may harm fish and other aquatic life. The draft permit proposes requirements to characterize the quantity and types of nutrients wastewater treatment facilities discharge and to evaluate potential wastewater treatment upgrades. The draft permit would also require support of scientific studies in the Bay to inform whether nutrient reductions will be needed to avoid adverse effects in the future. The Water Board will consider adopting the permit at its hearing on April 9, 2014. … ”  Read more here from the San Francisco Bay Water Board: New Nutrients Requirements on Wastewater to San Francisco Bay

ACWA establishes Statewide Drought Action Group:  “With California now in its worst drought on record, ACWA is moving to assemble a group of water community experts to recommend specific actions to combat severe drought conditions this year. ACWA’s Board of Directors voted to establish the Drought Action Group at its Jan. 31 meeting as a way to channel expertise and hands-on drought experience to identify needs and potential solutions. The group’s work will help guide ACWA’s efforts at the state and federal level to advance actions to reduce impacts this year and in future droughts. “This drought is unprecedented, and we need serious solutions. Many ACWA members have had to invoke mandatory water use reductions, and more will follow suit in the coming weeks,” ACWA President John Coleman said. “The agricultural economy in the Central Valley will be hit especially hard, with forecasts of as much as 500,000 acres of land fallowed due to lack of irrigation water. “As the water community, it is critical for us to pull together an action-oriented group that can leverage our collective knowledge of drought impacts to identify steps that could be undertaken to address this and future droughts.”  Read more here:  ACWA Establishes Statewide Drought Action Group

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