Senators Cannella and Vidak say it’s time to pass a water bond; introduce legislation to pare down $11B version currently on the ballot

From the website of Senator Andy Vidak:

“Senators Anthony Cannella (R-Ceres) and Andy Vidak (R-Hanford) today announced nmoneyew legislation to put a water bond on the November 2014 ballot that prioritizes water storage and clean drinking water, and protects the Delta water supply.

Senate Bill 927 pares down the water bond that the Legislature negotiated in 2009 to focus on water projects that are essential to move, store or clean water.

During our driest year on record, California must invest in increasing our water supply,” said Cannella. “It was just four years ago when we faced a similar situation and, if we do not act this year, our problems will grow.

Water is life, it’s food, it’s jobs.  It’s a crying shame to let precious water wash out to sea,” said Vidak.  “It’s time for leadership, not delay. It’s time Sacramento made water storage and access to clean drinking water a state priority.

Concerns have been raised that the cost of the current $11.1 billion water bond is too high and contains too many earmarked regional projects.

SB 927 offers a $9.2 billion water bond that maintains $3 billion for water storage, $2.5 billion to protect the Delta water supply and $1 billion for clean drinking water, with a boost of $400 million for disadvantaged communities.

For a copy of SB 927, click here.”

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