ESTUARY News: One estuary, many plans

The latest online issue of ESTUARY News sums up two days of presentations and discussions on the 2013 State of the Estuary conference, held last October in Oakland.  Here’s my coverage of a panel moderated by the State Water Board’s Felicia Marcus which featured Mark Cowin from the Department of Water Resources, Chris Knopp from the Delta Stewardship Council, Chuck Bonham from the Department of Fish and Wildlife, and Mike Machado from the Delta Protection Commission:

SOE2013-cover100px2““We’re seeing much more state-led activity on the Delta than we’ve seen in decades,” began Felicia Marcus, Chair of the State Water Board, as she opened the plenary session on the second day. “It really is heartwarming to see the leadership happening at the state level through two governors, and to see the legislature and the agencies engaging.”

The coming year looks to be a critical one for the Delta, with the first Delta Plan starting its implementation phase, the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP) in the final stages of development, and the update to the Bay Delta Water Quality Control Plan underway, not to mention numerous other smaller programs in various stages of progress. How all of these plans and the people who implement them will mesh brought state agency leaders together with conference attendees for the panel discussion. … “

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