California Weather Blog: The Ridiculously Resilient Ridge continues into 2014; California drought intensifies

From the California Weather Blog:

ca_cl“Extraordinarily dry conditions have persisted over the entire state of California since early December. In fact, nearly the only measurable precipitation that fell during the past 30-40 days occurred today, when a rapidly decaying cold front brought light to locally moderate rainfall (and snowfall in the high Sierra) to the far northern part of the state. In normally very wet locations along the North Coast, half an inch or so of precipitation fell, but totals were almost categorically under a tenth of an inch elsewhere and didn’t even tip the buckets from the Sacramento/San Francisco area southward. Needless to say: today’s minimal precipitation made no measurable dent in the ongoing extreme drought and was not even enough to settle the dust in most places. … “

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  1. TJS

    In “but totals were almost categorically under a tenth of an inch”, does “almost categorically” mean “almost all”? If so, it would be clearer to simply say so.


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