News worth noting: Salmon to be released to Battle Creek, Indio water bond hearing coverage, California Aqueduct repaired, and water quality trading

news worth notingUS FWS to release 750,000 late-fall Chinook salmon to Battle Creek:  “Approximately 750,000 late-fall Chinook salmon will be released into Battle Creek Jan. 13-14, 2014, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced today. The Coleman National Fish Hatchery (NFH) in Anderson, Calif. produces approximately 1 million late-fall Chinook salmon juveniles each year. About 250,000 were released at the hatchery in early December 2013. … Releases generally are timed to coincide with periods of rainfall, which increases flow and turbidity of rivers, enhancing survival of the fish as they make their way to the ocean. However, a record dry year in California delayed this year’s release of late-fall Chinook. … ”  Read more here: Service to Release 750,000 Late-Fall Chinook to Battle Creek

Water issues addressed at Indio town hall meeting:  “Assemblymember Anthony Rendon (D-Lakewood), chair of the Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee, and Assemblymember V. Manuel Pérez (D-Coachella) held a town hall to discuss the 2014 Water Bond and the state’s aging water systems. Assemblymember Rendon says the persistent drought and the effects of climate change are threatening the state’s access to clean, affordable and reliable sources of water, leaving communities and industries at risk. Assemblymember Pérez says he’s glad the Water Bond addresses some of the issues related to the Imperial and Coachella Valleys.”  More in the video below:

East branch of California Aqueduct undergoes repairs after sinkhole develops.  More in this short video:

US EPA and the USDA team up to promote water quality trading:  “The U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have announced an expanded partnership to support water quality trading and other market-based approaches that provide benefits to the environment and economy.  “New water quality trading markets hold incredible potential to benefit rural America by providing new income opportunities and enhancing conservation of water and wildlife habitat,” Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said. “Additionally, these efforts will strengthen businesses across the nation by providing a new pathway to comply with regulatory requirements.”  “EPA is committed to finding collaborative solutions that protect and restore our nation’s waterways and the health of the communities that depend on them,” said EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy. “We’re excited about partnering with USDA to expand support for water quality trading, which shows that environmental improvements can mean a better bottom line for farmers and ranchers.” … ”  More here:  USDA, EPA Partnership Supports Water Quality Trading To Benefit Environment, Economy

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