Website news: New subscribe by email option and an invitation to complete the Notebook reader feedback survey

Logo3Greetings, Notebook readers!  I have a couple of things I wanted to let you know about.

New subscribe by email options

Now there are two ways to make sure you never miss a post here at Maven’s Notebook!

The first option, the one that has been in place all along, is to receive an email instantly, every time there is a new post.  If you want up-to-the minute notification of every post, this is the option for you.

However, that can mean a lot of emails on some days, so if that’s too much for you, there’s a new option now available.  You can receive an email at about 10AM every day that will include everything posted to the Notebook blog in the previous 24 hours.  You’ll receive the email six days a week – Saturdays excluded (I’m trying to take Saturdays off myself.  It’s a few less emails in your inbox, and perhaps even a tad more organized.

Rest assured, if I post some really interesting breaking news during the day, I’ll send the daily email subscribers a special email, so you won’t miss out on breaking news.

To subscribe:

  • To receive an email for every post, choose “Email Option 1” in the sidebar.
  • To receive the new, once-a-day email option, click here or choose “Email Option 2” in the sidebar.

Please know you can unsubscribe at any time using the links at the bottom of the emails you receive.

Note: If you are currently receiving every post by email and want to switch, you’ll need to unsubscribe from that list by using the link at the bottom of those emails.  I’m sorry, I cannot unsubscribe you from that list.

Questions? Problems?  Just send me an email.

Your invitation to fill out the first Maven’s Notebook reader feedback survey

Here’s your chance to tell me what’s important to you.  What would you like to see covered?  What do you not care about?  Suggestions, comments, feedback … I want to hear what you think.  All questions optional and all responses are anonymous.

Click here for Maven’s Notebook Reader Feedback Survey

I am looking forward to hearing from you.  I’ll share the results in an upcoming post.

Have a great day!

Best regards,
Maven 🙂

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