Daily Digest: News for October 30, 2013

Daily DigestIn the news today …

  • Stanislaus County approves groundwater ordinance:  As a follow-up to yesterday’s note about the new ordinance: ” … The ordinance approved Tuesday does not specifically address overdrafting in eastern Stanislaus County, which is believed to be caused by irrigation pumping on former pasture land that’s been converted to nut orchards and vineyards.  Scheduled to go into effect in mid-December, the rules are intended to restrict out-of-county transfer of groundwater or pumping to replace surface water sold to buyers outside the county. Another purpose is regulation of water “mining,” defined broadly as wasteful or unreasonable use of groundwater. … ”  Read more from the Modesto Bee here: Stanislaus County supervisors approve the county’s first groundwater ordinance
  • Barriers to fish migration removed from Calaveras River:  ” ... In an example of property owners and the government working in harmony, the Calaveras River is now a bit more accommodating for migrating salmon and steelhead.  Crews recently knocked out a decades-old concrete crossing that blocked fish from traveling upstream They replaced it with a higher bridge beneath which the fish can easily pass. … ”  Read more from the Stockton Record:  Work removes another barrier for migrating Calaveras River fish
  • Experts say careful fertilizing can protect drinking water:  ” … “We have to abide by the commitment to provide a safe drinking water supply for all Californians,” said Dorene D’Adamo of Turlock, who helps to enforce the rules as a member of the State Water Resources Control Board.  Nearly 300 academics, certified crop advisers and other people turned out at the DoubleTree Hotel for the two-day conference, which concludes today. It is sponsored by the Western Plant Health Association, an industry group based in Sacramento, and the California Department of Food and Agriculture. … ” Read more from the Modesto Bee here:  Careful fertilizing protects drinking water, say experts at Modesto conference
  • NOAA announces funds for habitat restoration:NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service (NOAA Fisheries) has announced $1.97 million in funding for habitat restoration projects in California and Hawaii to restore nearly 1,000 acres of habitat, and open more than 100 stream miles for fish passage. These projects will benefit species like threatened populations of steelhead trout, Chinook and coho salmon.  ”Without the right habitat, fish struggle to grow and reproduce, and that means smaller fish populations,” said Will Stelle, Regional Administrator for NOAA Fisheries Western Region. “These projects will increase fish habitat – providing the important feeding and breeding grounds they need to thrive.” ... ”  Read more from the Redwood Times here:  NOAA Fisheries announces funding for habitat restoration; Benbow Dam to be removed
  • Man who dynamited the LA Aqueduct now works for DWP:  “On a warm autumn afternoon recently, Berry settled into a lawn chair under a massive shade tree behind his home in the eastern Sierra. He took a deep breath and told a story few know the truth about. “It wasn’t a planned deal,” said Berry, now 54. “I was an impressionable kid at the time, just 17. Things got out of hand,” Berry recalled. … ”  Read more from the LA Times here:  Los Angeles Aqueduct bomber reveals his story
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