California Water Plan releases draft regional reports for public review

PRD-banner-474pxThe release of the public review draft of the California Water Plan is complete today with the posting of the twelve draft regional reports.

The California Water Plan is the long-term comprehensive plan for guiding the management and development of the state’s water resources.  It is developed and informed by stakeholders, government agencies and tribal entities, as well as a myriad of other plans developed by State agencies.  Updated every 5 years, this update looks to advance regional integrated water management, strengthen government agency alignment, and promote investments in innovation and infrastructure.  The Plan is non-regulatory in nature, and is intended to inform planning and decision making at all levels of government, as well as inform legislative action.

The regional reports detail the current conditions of the area’s resources such as watersheds, groundwater, ecosystems, as well as provide information on demographics, water supplies, water quality and uses.  The reports also discuss the region’s accomplishments and challenges, as well as define future conditions, such as population growth, water demand, and climate change.

Most of the reports follow a standard format that varies, depending on the region. The Mountain Counties report includes details on the region’s importance to statewide water supplies; legacy issues such as abandoned mines, abandoned railroad beds, and historic cattle grazing; and regional needs, opportunities, and desired future conditions.  The regional report for the Delta includes a discussion of its unique challenges and drivers of change, as well as current resource planning efforts.

The public comment period is now underway.  Deadline for comments on the first volume, The Strategic Plan, are due by November 18.  The comments on the remaining volumes are due in early December.  The final California Water Plan is scheduled to be finalized and released in January.

For more information:

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