Water bond principles: Assembly Committee on Water, Parks, and Wildlife compiles comments received as Legislature prepares to revamp the water bond

moneyThe Assembly Committee on Water, Parks, and Wildlife has compiled and summarized the comments received on the Proposed Principles for Developing a Water Bond.  The comments are from a variety of individuals and organizations and have been summarized by Committee staff so they can be best utilized by legislators and the public in seeing the diverse perspectives on the water bond.

As the Legislature returns from summer break, there will be more public discussion in the weeks ahead.  Assembly Speaker John Perez told the Associated Press that he expects the revised bond to be between $7 billion and $8 billion.  “I think there's an absolute appetite to get this done and I think you'll see a package coming out of the Assembly that is substantive and has most of the stakeholders on board,” Perez said.

  • Click here for the compilation of comments.
  • Click here for the Assembly Committee on Water, Parks, and Wildlife's page on the water bond.


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