DWR Agricultural Land Stewardship Workgroup looking for feedback on potential strategies to offset impacts to Delta agriculture

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Delta farm by Maven

Mitigating for the BDCP’s effects on Delta agriculture is the topic of a new discussion paper currently under development by the DWR Agricultural Land Stewardship Workgroup.  The draft documents are now available online for review and comment from Delta interests and the public.

The Bay Delta Conservation Plan’s planned construction of new infrastructure as well as the large-scale restoration of Delta lands and other activities will have impacts to Delta agriculture, even with the mitigation measures and the commitments proposed in the EIR/EIS.  The DWR Agricultural Land Stewardship Workgroup is developing a paper that will outline potential agricultural stewardship strategies that decision makers can consider when discussing appropriate mitigation measures or enhancements to support the Delta as a place. The strategies being developed include:

  • measures that would help maintain farming in the Delta, such as combating invasive weeds or improving flood protection,
  • providing incentives for conservation of farmland,
  • assisting landowners in producing and selling greenhouse gas offset credits in the AB 32 Cap and Trade Program,
  • strategies for economic development that would help offset the effects of the BDCP.

The paper considers funding sources and possible ways the strategies could be implemented.  Participation by landowners, farmers, and local government in these strategies would be voluntary.

The DWR ALS Workgroup is soliciting feedback from Delta interests and the public as to which strategies they would like to see implemented, as well as if there are any additional strategies that should be included.

To review the documents and submit comments, click here.

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