Science notes: Delta restoration projects, natural hydrographs in regulated rivers, and more

Delta Independent Science Board’s November Meeting Summary on Restoration Projects now online;  Originally planned to be a boat tour for science board members to tour Delta restoration sites, bad weather instead required the meeting be conducted instead as a virtual tour.  A meeting summary is now available online that includes brief summaries of the presentations as well as links to the powerpoints.  Click here for the meeting summary.

Natural Hydrographs in Regulated Rivers: Presentations now available:  Last month, the Delta Science Program and the UC Davis Center for Aquatic Biology and Aquaculture held a seminar on natural hydrographs in regulated rivers.  The power point presentations are now available:

Delta Science News: The latest issue of Delta Science News is now available online.  In this edition, articles on the Long-term CVP/SWP Operations Biological Opinion Actions Review, a paper highlighting decades of change in the San Francisco Bay Estuary, and an article on California’s Long-term water policy challenges.  Click here to read this edition of Delta Science News.

Study provides useful details for improving habitat for coho salmon:  A study now available online studied the Umpqua River basin in Oregon, using a combination of on-the-ground observations and a remote-sensing technology known as airborne Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) to map ancient landslides and study the architecture of the valleys.  “The findings provide fundamental insights on the geological and ecological controls on salmon habitat, May said. “I do believe the results will have broad applications for endangered species conservation and management,” she added.”  Click here to read more from Science Daily.


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