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California Water Infrastructure

California water infrastructure, by Department of Water Resources

Where does California’s water come from? Most of us remember learning the water cycle, and so can understand easily enough that it’s the rain and snow that is the ultimate source of our water supply. But what most Californians might not realize is vast the state’s water infrastructure is that irrigates the farmland and delivers the water to our faucets, and how profoundly that infrastructure has remade the California that we know today. Click here to learn more about California’s water infrastructure systems.

Delta and Statewide Planning Processes

many_ways_to_go_400_clr_7107-1Currently, there are three major planning processes focused exclusively on the Delta, two broader statewide plans, and multitudes of smaller plans and programs that affect the Delta in some way.  Some plans are in the implementation stage while others are still in the planning stages.  What are all these different plans and processes? This page will help sort them all out for you.

Maps and Diagrams

Who uses Delta Exports, from the Delta PlanBrowse through a compilation of maps, diagrams and photos related to the Delta and California water.  These maps and diagrams have been sourced from public documents and public sources.  Historical photographs are from the National Archives/Library of Congress and WikiMedia.  No known copyright restrictions exist, so free for you to use.  Click here to look at Maps and Diagrams.

Water and hydrology resources on the internet: Reservoir conditions, precipitation indexes, snow charts, drought maps and more …

DWR ReservoirsHere’s a list of handy internet resources to find out the latest reservoir conditions, precipitation data, snow data, current weather data, climate and drought data and more. Click here to visit the Water and hydrology resources page.

Storm and flood management resources on the internet: Radar, satellite, river stages, rainfall maps, atmospheric rivers and more …

Rainfall mapFind the latest weather and satellite information, atmospheric river information, river and stream conditions, flood information and more … Check it all out here:  Storm and flood management resources on the internet: Radar, satellite, river stages, rainfall maps, atmospheric rivers and more …


Terms and Definitions

question_mark_bookshelf_400_clr_9074-1Glossary definitions, some of them quite detailed, on unfamiliar terms that are used in posts. Visit the glossary here.

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