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    Jun 19 2014

    An update on potential new water storage projects, part 3: Preliminary results of California water storage projects survey

    The CalFed surface storage investigations were looking primarily at large reservoirs, but there are substantially more options for smaller, regional reservoirs that could add to local water supply reliability, but provide statewide benefits as well.  At the request of the Delta Stewardship Council, the California Water Commission teamed up with the Association of California Water …

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    Jun 18 2014

    An update on potential new water storage projects, part 2: Potential beneficiaries talk about Sites, Temperance Flat and other storage projects

    The CalFed storage investigations have been underway for decades.  As the feasibility studies round to an end, presumably, and a decision point nears, will there be any takers for the water?  In this next panel, Thad Bettner, General Manager for the Glenn Colusa Irrigation District, discusses the North of Delta Offstream Storage  project, more commonly …

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    Mar 19 2014

    Reaction to Congressmen Garamendi & LaMalfa’s proposed Sites Reservoir legislation:

    The announcement of legislation by Congressmembers Garamendi & LaMalfa to authorize a feasibility study and the construction of Sites Reservoir was likely overshadowed by the larger event in Fresno today, so reaction to this announcement has been light. Here’s what I’ve received so far; I’ll continue to add to it if I find any more. …

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    Mar 19 2014

    Congressmen Garamendi and LaMalfa announce Sites Reservoir water storage bill; Would help California prepare for future droughts

    From Congressman Garamendi’s office: Today, Congressmen John Garamendi (D-CA-03) and Doug LaMalfa (R-CA-01) announced the bipartisan Sacramento Valley Water Storage and Restoration Act of 2014, which would authorize a feasibility study and construction of Sites Reservoir in Colusa County, California. The bill sets a deadline for the completion of the feasibility study and if deemed …

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    Mar 04 2014

    Congressman Costa introduces bills to increase California water storage

    From Congressman Jim Costa’s website: Rep. Jim Costa introduced a package of legislation that would invest in California’s water infrastructure and expedite construction on existing storage projects to improve water reliability across the state. The current drought has highlighted the dire need for long-term water solutions, especially increasing the state’s storage capacity. Costa’s legislation that …

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    Feb 19 2014

    Bureau of Reclamation releases Draft Feasibility Report for a dam at Temperance Flat

    A dam on the Upper San Joaquin River at Temperance Flat would cost $2.5 billion, provide benefits from $95 to $578 million, and could potentially provide water for both Central Valley agriculture and State Water Project users, according to the draft feasibility analysis released by the Bureau of Reclamation. A dam at Temperance Flat has …

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    Dec 31 2013

    Bureau of Reclamation releases progress report on Sites Reservoir

    The Bureau of Reclamation has released a progress report on the North of the Delta Offstream Storage (NODOS), otherwise known as Sites Reservoir, which presents the results to date of the feasibility study.  The storage investigation, now in its third phase, is one of four authorized for study in 1996 during the CalFed era. The …

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    Dec 05 2013

    Bureau of Reclamation releases feasibility report for enlarging San Luis Reservoir

    From the Bureau of Reclamation: “The Bureau of Reclamation has released a report that details the methods and costs of increasing the storage capacity of San Luis Reservoir, while also addressing seismic risks under B.F. Sisk Dam, which would improve the reliability of water supplied by the Central Valley Project. Reclamation will be taking comments …

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    Dec 03 2013

    Maven’s Minutes: The Delta Stewardship Council discusses water storage

    With the acknowledgement that the state’s water situation needs a comprehensive solution, one that extends beyond the reach of the Bay Delta Conservation Plan, discussion has turned to what things should be included in such a solution.  One item that seems to make everyone’s list is storage in some form, be it surface storage or …

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    Nov 13 2013

    Maven’s Minutes: DC legislators talk water storage for California

    On October 29th,2013, the House Subcommittee on Water and Power held on oversight hearing, A Road Map for Increasing Our Water and Hydropower Supplies: The Need for New or Expanded Multi-purpose Facilities. The hearing, led by Subcommittee Chairman Tom McClintock, focused on the benefits of high-elevation storage projects, as well as much discussion about whether …

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    Sep 18 2013

    Guest commentary: California Water Commission’s draft ‘Regulations for Quantifying the Public Benefits of Water Storage Projects’: Leveling the playing field

    The Safe, Clean and Reliable Drinking Water Supply Act of 2009 (Water Code Section 74744), requires the California Water Commission to develop and adopt, by regulation, methods for the quantification and management of public benefits associated with eligible water storage projects.  The types of public benefits that would be eligible for funding are ecosystem improvements, …

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    Sep 09 2013

    Maven’s Minutes: Water storage part 3: Optimizing surface and groundwater resources – where do we go from here?

    California lacks a statewide sustainable groundwater management program, instead leaving groundwater under local control, and while there are a few stunning examples of successful and sustainable groundwater management programs in the state, there are also dismal examples of failure to manage some groundwater basins sustainably. So what are the impediments to better basin management and …

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    Sep 03 2013

    Maven’s Minutes: Water storage, part 2: A look at California’s successful groundwater management and banking programs

    California has long relied on surface reservoirs to manage the state’s fluctuating water supply as evidenced by the over 1300 reservoirs both large and small that dot the landscape – from Redding in the north to San Diego in the south.  However, environmental impacts, evaporation, and other concerns associated with reservoirs and the dams that …

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    Aug 28 2013

    Maven’s Minutes: Water Storage in California, part 1: An Overview

    On March 20, 2013, the Assembly Select Committee on Regional Approaches to Addressing the State’s Water Crisis held an informational hearing titled “The Science of Storing Water.”  The hearing featured DWR’s Kamyar Guivetchi giving an overview of water storage in California, presentations on the operations of three groundwater banking programs, and a panel discussion on …

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    Aug 18 2013

    Maven’s Minutes: Assembly Committee for Water, Parks, and Wildlife’s informational hearing on the framework for a water bond

    On August 15, the Assembly Committee for Water, Parks, and Wildlife held an informational hearing to gather public comment as they continue to work on developing a new water bond, titled “The Clean Drinking Water & Climate Change Response Act of 2014,” to address California’s water infrastructure needs. “What we’re here to do today is …

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