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    Tag Archive: water rights

    Nov 15 2013

    This just in … Court invalidates State Water Resources Control Board’s annual water right fees

    From Somach Simmons & Dunn: “On November 12, 2013, the Sacramento Superior Court issued a Final Statement of Decision invalidating the State Water Resources Control Board’s (SWRCB) annual water right fee regulations adopted in 2003-2004. This case is on remand from the California Supreme Court in California Farm Bureau Federation v. State Water Resources Control …

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    Sep 24 2013

    Maven’s Minutes: Updates from the Delta Regional Forum, part 2: The Delta Regional Monitoring Program, Water Diversion Reporting, IRWM and Flood Futures Report

    On September 19, the Department of Water Resources held a Delta regional forum as part of the update to the California Water Plan.  Part of the forum was dedicated to updates on some of the relevant planning processes currently underway involving the Delta. This post will cover the updates given for the Delta Regional Monitoring …

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    Jul 18 2013

    State Water Resources Control Board submits comments on the BDCP EIR/S

    The State Water Resources Control  Board, a responsible agency for the BDCP’s EIR/S under CEQA provisions, has submitted their comments on the administrative draft of the environmental impact statement.  Their analysis focused on the CEQA analysis for the preferred alternative (alternative 4) and the State Water Board’s requested alternative (alternative 8).  The Board also focused …

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    Jan 18 2013

    Delta Watermaster Craig Wilson talks about the roles and responsibilities of his office

    DWR Delta Minor Slough #5

    In 2009, the Delta Reform Act directed the State Water Resources Control Board to appoint a watermaster for the Delta.  In 2010, Craig Wilson was appointed as the first Delta Watermaster.  Since taking office, Mr. Wilson has initiated several activities, from compliance and enforcement actions and investigations of water users to the preparation of policy-level …

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    Jan 18 2013

    Letter: Northern California water agencies concerned that revised Delta flow requirments and a change in point of diversion in the Delta will impact upstream water rights

    In a letter sent last month to Natural Resources Secretary John Laird and State Water Board Chairman Charles Hoppin, Northern California water agencies expressed their concern of what the impact of changes in flow standards for the Delta along with a change in the point of diversion for the state and federal water projects will be …

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    Sep 17 2012

    State Water Board needs broader authority for water rights enforcement, says the Delta Watermaster

    Broader authority for the State Water Board to enforce water rights violations and prevent illegal diversions are among the key recommendations of an informational report to be presented at Wednesday’s Board meeting by Delta Watermaster Craig Wilson. In his report, Improving Water Rights Enforcement Authority, Mr. Wilson compared the State Water Board’s existing authority for …

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