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Fran Spivy-Weber on sustainability initiatives and the California Water Action Plan

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Fran Spivy-Weber talks about the statewide sustainability initiatives included in the California Water Action Plan, and ends with the suggestion that agencies be creative and give regulators a chance Frances Spivy-Weber, Vice-Chair of the State Water Resources Control Board, was first appointed to the State Water Resources Control Board in 2007, reappointed and elected Vice-Chair of the Board in 2009, […]

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The California Water Plan: Roadmap for Action

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DWR’s Kamyar Guivetchi presents the California Water Plan, touching on the importance of integrated water management; the nexus between the California Water Plan and the California Water Action Plan; the three overarching themes of integration, alignment and investment; and the plan’s “Roadmap for Action.” At the December meeting of the Delta Stewardship Council, Council members were given an overview on […]

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The Governor’s proposed budget and water

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Earlier today, Governor Brown proposed his balanced budget that increases funding for schools and health care coverage, holds college tuition flat and delivers on the propositions approved by voters last November by starting investments in water projects and saving money, while also working to reduce the state’s other long-term liabilities, according to the Governor’s press release. “The budget that I’m […]

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Setting the agenda for science in the Delta

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Delta Plan Interagency Implementation Committee members agree to accept interim science action agenda and return in six months with a list of their science priorities (Note: This is part 2 of coverage from the Delta Plan Interagency Implementation Committee meeting.  For part 1, go here: California Water Action Plan implementation coordination and progress; Integrating flood and ecosystem planning in the […]

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Governor Brown’s inaugural address briefly mentions water; generates a trickle of reactions …

Gov Brown inauguration

Today, Governor Brown Jr. took the oath of office as Governor of California for the fourth time, and delivered his inaugural address in the Assembly Chamber.  At two points in his address, he briefly discussed water: ” … We also have the people to thank for Propositions 1 and 2, which save water and money and prepare us for an […]

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Senator Darrell Steinberg on legislative leadership: Getting to a two-thirds vote on the water bond and other seemingly impossible missions

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At the 2014 fall conference of the Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA), the keynote speaker at Wednesday’s luncheon was Senator Darrell Steinberg. He gave this speech to conference attendees just days after terming out of office and the new legislative members installed. As President pro Tempore of the Senate and the leader of the majority party in the California […]

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Peter Gleick: Solutions in a world of peak water limits

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For one week each October, Chicago Ideas Week brings together some of the world’s most outstanding speakers to present their ideas and inspire the innovations of tomorrow at 80+ sessions across the city of Chicago. In October of 2013, the Pacific Institute’s Peter Gleick opened a session on water with this speech, Solutions in a World of Peak Water Limits, […]

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Groundwater adjudication hearing, part 3: Panel discussion on options for moving forward

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Groundwater adjudications, notoriously expensive and time consuming, emerged as an issue during the development and ultimate passage of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act of 2014, and the Brown Administration has made it a priority to consider possible reforms.  To that end, on November 20, the Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Water held an informational hearing on groundwater adjudications titled, […]

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Groundwater adjudication hearing, part 2: Case Study on the Antelope Valley Adjudication

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The Antelope Valley groundwater adjudication case is the current poster child for how painfully long and expensive groundwater adjudications can be.  The enormous case involves a multitude of public agencies, farmers, cities, the federal government, and landowners, both large and small, some of whom pump water, but most who don’t but still hold groundwater rights that cannot be dismissed or […]

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Groundwater adjudication hearing, part 1: Justice Robie with an overview on how groundwater disputes are resolved in California

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In August of this year, Governor Brown signed the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act, requiring local officials for the first time to create sustainable groundwater management plans.  These management plans potentially could involve pumping restrictions or new pumping fees and as a result, more legal disputes and groundwater adjudications may likely result. Groundwater adjudications have been the solution for groundwater disputes […]

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