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Panel discussion: The impacts of climate change on water resources


Peter Gleick, Noah Diffenbaugh, Wade Crowfoot, and Solomon Hsiang discuss the current drought and climate change, focusing on water resources, climate risks, economic impacts, and policy solutions The Hamilton Project at Brookings and the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment hosted the forum, New Directions for U.S. Water Policy, in October of last year, which focused on the release of […]

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Pat Mulroy to California: Fix the Bay Delta

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Keynote speaker Pat Mulroy opens California Water Policy Conference with a stern warning: California must fix the Bay Delta, because what happens in the Delta matters in Denver The California Water Policy Conference, now in its 24th year, opened on March 19th with keynote speaker Pat Mulroy.  The former general manager of the Southern Nevada Water Authority, Ms. Mulroy is […]

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Yolo Bypass Symposium, Part 3: Farms, flood, fish, and fowl: Putting the puzzle together

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Stakeholders discuss how to integrating the multiple plans and processes in the Yolo Bypass Land use in the Yolo Bypass is dominated by agriculture; it is part of Yolo County’s heritage as well as a vital of its economy. Farming activities in the bypass generally begin in late spring and extend through the summer, when flooding is uncommon. Primary crops […]

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Conserving ecosystems during droughts

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Chuck Bonham, Sandy Matsumoto, Dr. Peter Moyle, and Tim Quinn discuss how to prepare for the next drought, including developing a plan, designating priority habitat, and securing water for the environment As January ends as a record-breaking drought in some areas of the state and winter once again seemingly passes California by, a fourth year of drought is looking more […]

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The promise and pitfalls of regional planning for special status species

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Panel discusses the pros and cons of Habitat Conservation Plans and Natural Community Conservation Plans In recent years in an effort to avoid ‘postage stamp’ conservation, many regional planning efforts have been undertaken that allow for development while at the same time, provide for conservation of habitat and species. Known as Habitat Conservation Plans (HCPs) under federal endangered species regulations […]

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Fran Spivy-Weber on sustainability initiatives and the California Water Action Plan

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Fran Spivy-Weber talks about the statewide sustainability initiatives included in the California Water Action Plan, and ends with the suggestion that agencies be creative and give regulators a chance Frances Spivy-Weber, Vice-Chair of the State Water Resources Control Board, was first appointed to the State Water Resources Control Board in 2007, reappointed and elected Vice-Chair of the Board in 2009, […]

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The California Water Plan: Roadmap for Action

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DWR’s Kamyar Guivetchi presents the California Water Plan, touching on the importance of integrated water management; the nexus between the California Water Plan and the California Water Action Plan; the three overarching themes of integration, alignment and investment; and the plan’s “Roadmap for Action.” At the December meeting of the Delta Stewardship Council, Council members were given an overview on […]

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The Governor’s proposed budget and water

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Earlier today, Governor Brown proposed his balanced budget that increases funding for schools and health care coverage, holds college tuition flat and delivers on the propositions approved by voters last November by starting investments in water projects and saving money, while also working to reduce the state’s other long-term liabilities, according to the Governor’s press release. “The budget that I’m […]

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Setting the agenda for science in the Delta

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Delta Plan Interagency Implementation Committee members agree to accept interim science action agenda and return in six months with a list of their science priorities (Note: This is part 2 of coverage from the Delta Plan Interagency Implementation Committee meeting.  For part 1, go here: California Water Action Plan implementation coordination and progress; Integrating flood and ecosystem planning in the […]

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Governor Brown’s inaugural address briefly mentions water; generates a trickle of reactions …

Gov Brown inauguration

Today, Governor Brown Jr. took the oath of office as Governor of California for the fourth time, and delivered his inaugural address in the Assembly Chamber.  At two points in his address, he briefly discussed water: ” … We also have the people to thank for Propositions 1 and 2, which save water and money and prepare us for an […]

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