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Nov 19 2014

Shopping for water: How the market can mitigate water shortages in the American West

In October of 2014, the Hamilton Project and the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment hosted a forum, New Directions for U.S. Water Policy, which brought together government and agency officials with policy experts to discuss the release of new papers highlighting opportunities from improving water management in the West. While California’s current drought is …

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Nov 12 2014

Dr. Peter Goodwin: Six things the Delta science community has learned in the last two years

Dr. Peter Goodwin is an internationally recognized expert in ecohydraulics, ecosystem restoration, and the enhancement of river, wetland and estuarine systems. Among his many accomplishments, he is the Presidential Professor in Ecohydraulics and professor of civil engineering at the University of Idaho, and the founding and current director of the Center for Ecohydraulics Research.  Since …

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Nov 11 2014

Terraforming California 2.0: Dr. Anke Mueller-Solger on collaborating and cooperating in the Delta

Dr. Anke Mueller-Solger is the Associate Director for Projects at the U.S. Geological Survey.  Prior to joining the USGS last year, Dr. Mueller-Solger was the Interagency Ecological Program Lead Scientist for six years. In this second speech from the plenary session of the 2014 Bay Delta Science Conference, Dr. Anke Mueller-Solger talks about the changing …

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Nov 10 2014

Deputy Secretary Michael Connor opens Bay Delta Science Conference: ‘Policy making and scientific research must advance hand in hand with each other’

The 8th Biennial Bay-Delta Science Conference, held October 28 through 30th, 2014 in Sacramento, brought together over 1000 scientists, managers and policymakers to hear the latest research, understanding and ideas about the complex Delta ecosystem. Over the upcoming weeks, Maven’s Notebook will be providing coverage of many of the sessions and presentations at this year’s …

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Nov 04 2014

Congressman George Miller on the Delta and water policy: “I think we’ve turned a bit of a corner.”

On September 24th, the ‘Bay + Delta + Water: Better Together’ conference brought over 200 elected officials, agency leaders, and community advocates to Antioch to discuss the important role freshwater plays in the Delta and its impacts on ecosystems, recreation, and the economy.  The half-day conference was presented by the Association of Bay Area Governments, …

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Oct 21 2014

In his own words … Governor Brown talks water at Stanford conference: “This is not something for a flash in the pan; this is not for a one term Governor; this is really the work of a four-term governor”

Yesterday,the Hamilton Project and the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment held a conference at Stanford titled, New Directions for U.S. Water Policy which brought together officials and experts from California and across the west to discuss water markets, technological innovations, climate change and other water policy issues.  Governor Jerry Brown was the keynote speaker. …

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Oct 08 2014

Speaker Toni Atkins and Senate pro Tem-elect Kevin de Leon briefly talk water policy

On October 6th, the Public Policy Institute of California held an event, “A Conversation with California’s Legislative Leadership.” In this portion of the event, taken from video of the event posted on YouTube, moderator Mark Baldassare, president and CEO of the PPIC, talks briefly with Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins and Senate President pro Tem-elect Kevin …

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Sep 03 2014

Dr. Peter Gleick on The Untapped Potential of California’s Water Supply

In June, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and Pacific Institute released a study that examined the potential water supply that can be gained from urban and agricultural water use efficiency, water reuse, and stormwater capture.  The report, The Untapped Potential of California’s Water Supply​, concludes that 10.8 to 13.7 million acre-feet of water per …

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Sep 01 2014

Jay Famiglietti at TEDx: Can We End the Global Water Crisis?

In May of 2013, Jay Famiglietti, a professor at the University of California, Irvine, and Founding Director of the UC Center for Hydrologic Modeling, gave a speech at Tedx event on ending the global water crisis.  Here’s a transcript of what he said: Can we end the global water crisis? I’ve some good news for …

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Aug 30 2014

Reactions: Legislators and organizations respond to the passage of groundwater legislation

Here’s what organizations and legislators are saying about the passage of groundwater legislation, which now awaits the Governor’s signature, listed in alphabetical order: From the Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA): ACWA Applauds Passage of Groundwater Legislation The statewide Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA) hailed final passage today of historic groundwater sustainability legislation in …

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Aug 29 2014

This just in … Bill package to protect groundwater supplies passes California Assembly

From the office of Senator Fran Pavley: “Today, the California Assembly passed a bill package by Senator Fran Pavley (D-Agoura Hills) and Assemblymember Dickinson to sustainably manage California’s groundwater for the first time. The three bill package including SB 1168 (Pavley), SB 1319 (Pavley) and AB 1739 (Dickinson) would initiate groundwater sustainability planning and programs …

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Aug 27 2014

Statement from the California Water Foundation on California Senate Vote to Advance Groundwater Legislation

The California Water Foundation (CWF) issued the following statement from Executive Director Lester Snow after the California State Senate voted 26-1 to advance AB 1739, which now moves to the Assembly floor for a concurrence vote: “We praise the work of the Senate for their leadership and good sense to advance this bill. Today’s bipartisan …

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Aug 25 2014

Supporters of groundwater reform unveil modified California state flag to illustrate need for action; Effort urges lawmakers to pass groundwater bills

From the California Water Foundation: Heading into the final week of the state’s legislative session, the California Water Foundation unveiled a modified California state flag that features a desert camel instead of a grizzly bear to illustrate the severity of the state’s groundwater crisis and urge lawmakers to pass groundwater management legislation. Over the course …

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Jul 14 2014

John Kingsbury: Protecting watersheds first step in water policy

This commentary is written by John Kingsbury, Executive Director of the Mountain Counties Water Resources Association: Mountain watersheds can survive without the Delta, but the Delta cannot survive without the watersheds. The waters that form creeks and streams in the Cascades and Sierra Nevada mountains and join to create the great rivers that flow into …

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Jul 10 2014

This just in … New report from the California Water Foundation highlights urgent need to address groundwater problems throughout California

From the California Water Foundation: Management of California’s groundwater basins is fragmented, and many groundwater management plans are outdated and lacking important details, leaving significant room for improvement, according to a report released today by the California Water Foundation (CWF). The report, An Evaluation of California Groundwater Management Planning, assesses the current condition of groundwater …

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