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    Sep 01 2014

    Jay Famiglietti at TEDx: Can We End the Global Water Crisis?

    In May of 2013, Jay Famiglietti, a professor at the University of California, Irvine, and Founding Director of the UC Center for Hydrologic Modeling, gave a speech at Tedx event on ending the global water crisis.  Here’s a transcript of what he said: Can we end the global water crisis? I’ve some good news for …

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    Jul 14 2014

    John Kingsbury: Protecting watersheds first step in water policy

    This commentary is written by John Kingsbury, Executive Director of the Mountain Counties Water Resources Association: Mountain watersheds can survive without the Delta, but the Delta cannot survive without the watersheds. The waters that form creeks and streams in the Cascades and Sierra Nevada mountains and join to create the great rivers that flow into …

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    May 26 2014

    In her own words: Pat Mulroy: “Water management in the Wild West: Lessons Learned”

    Here is Pat Mulroy, former General Manager of the Southern Nevada Water Authority, in her own words, speaking at the 2014 spring conference of the Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA): On February 6, I finally decided 25 years as general manager was enough. I was living ‘Groundhog Day,’ and the only variable was when …

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    May 22 2014

    UC Drought Summit: State policy for future droughts

    What can the state do to better prepare for a drier future: groundwater management, water efficiency, water conservation … ? In April, the UC Drought Science, Policy and Management Summit reached throughout the University of California system to bring together faculty and other experts to explore ideas and different approaches to mitigating the effects of …

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    Mar 26 2014

    Planning and Conservation League Symposium: What’s next for the Delta?

    “What’s next for the Delta?  ‘Enquiring minds want to know,’” began Martha Davis, moderator for the closing plenary session of the Planning and Conservation League’s 2014 Symposium: Water for Life: Towards and Equitable and Sustainable Water Future for California. “The underlying question for this afternoon’s panel is whether we’re on a convergence path for solutions …

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    Dec 10 2013

    Letter: California’s Republican representatives write letter to the President and the Governor, asking him to ‘take immediate action to mitigate the catastrophic effects of another natural drought exacerbated by environmental conditions”

    California Republicans have sent a letter to President Obama and Governor Brown, urging them to “take immediate action to mitigate the catastrophic effects of another natural drought exacerbated by environmental regulations.”  The recent dry years have been exacerbated by environmental restrictions on Delta water supplies and this has left the reservoirs in “terrible shape,” they …

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    Nov 07 2013

    Maven’s Minutes: State of the Estuary Panel Discussion: One estuary, many plans: How will they fit together?

    The 11th Biennial State of the Estuary conference held in October, 2013, brought together the leaders from the state’s resource agencies to discuss the multiple planning processes going on and share their views on how these processes will work together. The panel discussion, One Estuary, Many Plans: How Will They Work Together?, was moderated by …

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    Jul 24 2013

    Maven’s Minutes: Phil Isenberg updates the California Water Commission on the Delta Plan, and the role of the Council in regards to the BDCP

    The Delta Stewardship Council’s role regarding the BDCP, as well as the multiple lawsuits filed over the Delta Plan were some of the topics discussed as Phil Isenberg, Chair of the Delta Stewardship Council, updated the California Water Commission on the status of the Delta Plan at their July 17 meeting. Mr. Isenberg began by …

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    Jul 18 2013

    Principles for Developing a Water Bond: Comments received so far, and how to add yours to the mix

    On July 2nd, the Chair of the Assembly Committee on Water, Parks, and Wildlife Anthony Rendon  presented proposed Principles for Developing a Water Bond to Assembly members and the public.  Those principles include setting priorities for water bond financing, retaining provisions which prohibit use of water bond funds for construction or mitigation of new Delta …

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    Jul 03 2013

    Maven’s Minutes: Chair Anthony Rendon presents “Principles for Developing a Water Bond” to the Assembly Committee on Water, Parks, and Wildlife

    With the budget passed and the Legislature preparing to turn its attention to restructuring a new water bond, Anthony Rendon, Chair of the Assembly Committee on Water, Parks and Wildlife, presented proposed Principles for Developing a Water Bond to Assembly members and the public at the July 2nd committee hearing. The new principles include setting …

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    Jun 04 2013

    Maven’s Minutes from the press conference: Natural Resources Agency releases remaining draft BDCP documents; includes costs, benefits, and funding information

    Using the Silicon Valley as a backdrop, the Brown Administration held a press conference and media call on May 30th to discuss the release of the final chapters of the draft Bay Delta Conservation Plan, which include the highly anticipated information on the costs and the benefits of the Plan, as well as the details …

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    Jun 04 2013

    Maven’s Minutes: Restore the Delta’s panel of experts discusses the costs of the tunnels

    On May 28, the day prior to the release of the remaining chapters of the Bay Delta Conservation Plan, Restore the Delta held a call-in media event to discuss the upcoming release of documents, which will include financial details. The call-in event was moderated by Steve Hopcraft from Restore the Delta; joining him on the …

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    May 20 2013

    Maven’s Minutes: Joint Informational Hearing: Natural Resources and Water and Select Committee on the Delta “The Bay Delta Conservation Plan: Perspectives on the Plan”

    On May 14th, the Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee and the Senate Select Committee on the Delta held a second informational hearing on the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP) to gather different perspectives on the plan from water contractors, local government officials, and environmental groups. Seated on the panel was Roger Patterson from Metropolitan …

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    Apr 30 2013

    New PPIC report prescribes relief for the Delta’s ailing ecosystem

    While there may not be an miracle cure for the ailing Delta, there is a path forward that would achieve better environmental results than current efforts while at the same time, keeping costs under control, says a new report from the Public Policy Institute of California.  The report, Stress Relief: Prescriptions for a Healthier Delta …

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    Mar 19 2013

    Maven’s Minutes: California Water Policy Seminar Series continues with Secretary John Laird: "Will We Actually Be Able to Decide Something?"

    On February 25th, UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences featured Secretary of California Natural Resources Agency John Laird as the speaker in the continuing California Water Policy Seminar Series.  Secretary Laird has long been active in water politics, having served on both the local level and as a state Assemblyman.  He has been a champion …

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