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    Oct 08 2014

    Delta Protection Commission discusses Proposition 1, plus other notes from the September meeting

    At the September 25 meeting of the Delta Protection Commission, the commissioners discussed whether or not they should take a position on Proposition 1, the water bond.  Executive Officer Eric Vink began with a brief presentation on the four provisions in Proposition 1 that are relevant to the Delta in order to set up the …

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    Aug 14 2014

    Reactions to water bond: Legislators and interest groups respond

    Here are reactions to the water bond.  Given the late hour of the passage of the water bond, there will be more statements issued this morning, surely, which I will add to this post. As always, the statements are listed in alphabetical order: From the Association of California Water Agencies: The Association of California Water …

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    Aug 14 2014

    Governor Brown Signs Legislation to Put Water Bond Before Voters (Corrected Links)

    From the Office of the Governor: Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. today signed legislation to put a comprehensive water bond before voters this November. “Water is the lifeblood of any civilization and for California it’s the precondition of healthy rivers, valleys, farms and a strong economy,” said Governor Brown. “With this water bond, legislators from …

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    Aug 13 2014

    This just in … Fresno Bee reports water bond passes; $7.5B bond heads to Governor’s office

    From the Fresno Bee: “California voters will be asked to authorize $7.5 billion to bolster the state’s water supply, infrastructure and ecosystems in November, as lawmakers and Gov. Jerry Brown on Wednesday struck a long-sought deal to move a new water bond to the ballot. An extraordinary drought that has strained California’s water supply spurred …

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    Aug 13 2014

    This just in … Article to note: California Water Bond Deal Reached At Capitol; Watch the vote this evening

    From Capital Public Radio: “The deal with Governor Jerry Brown was reached in principle this morning and refined during the last few hours. If approved by voters this fall, it would set aside $2.7 billion for surface storage projects like dams and reservoirs. Democratic Senator Lois Wolk says the agreement will neither help nor hurt …

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    Aug 12 2014

    This just in … Reactions to water bond: ACWA and Speaker Toni Atkins say yes; Restore the Delta says no

    Here are the latest reactions to the water bond: From ACWA: “ACWA Executive Director Timothy Quinn today issued the following statement on recent developments on a 2014 California Water Bond: “ACWA applauds the recent progress on developing a smaller, more viable water bond for the November 2014 ballot.  As California experiences one of the worst …

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    Aug 12 2014

    This just in … Wolk endorses new revised $7 billion water bond; Points to agreement to protect the Delta and prevent funding of Delta Tunnels

    From the office of Senator Lois Wolk: State Senator Lois Wolk (D-Davis) today announced her support and agreement to author the Governor’s proposal for a $7 billion water bond for this November’s ballot, replacing the $11 billion bond now on the ballot as Proposition 43.  The new bond is contained in SB 866 by Senators …

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    Aug 11 2014

    Governor’s statement on today’s water bond developments; reactions from Senator Feinstein, interest groups

    Governor Brown released the following statement: Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. today issued the following statement after signing legislation to extend the deadline to place a new water bond on the November ballot and renumber the Rainy Day Fund ballot measure: “Today’s legislative action provides additional time to get an acceptable water bond — one …

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    Aug 11 2014

    This just in … Here’s the text for Governor Brown’s compromise bond proposal

    It is here:  gov bond language 081114 UPDATE:  More on today’s developments Governor’s statement on today’s water bond developments; reactions from Senator Feinstein, interest groups   ——————————————– Get the Notebook blog by email and you’ll always be one of the first to know! Sign up for daily emails and get all the Notebook’s aggregated and …

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    Aug 11 2014

    Water bond update: Lawmakers poised to vote this afternoon to extend deadline on water bond; Gov. Brown floats new bond compromise

    From Capital Public Radio; “California lawmakers are poised to vote Monday afternoon to extend Monday’s deadline for the Secretary of State’s office to print November election voter guides. The 48-hour extension would give Gov. Jerry Brown and legislative leaders more time to negotiate a replacement to the $11 billion water bond on the November ballot. …

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    Aug 08 2014

    This just in … Senate Republicans unveil $8.7B water bond proposal

    This article has just been posted by the Los Angeles Times: “Senate Republicans, who have chafed at Gov. Jerry Brown’s insistence on a pared-down water bond, released their counteroffer Friday: an $8.7-billion measure that prioritizes water storage. Republicans say their plan meets Brown’s call for a “no-frills” plan by shaving $2.4 billion from the bond …

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    Aug 07 2014

    News Worth Noting: Polls show likely voters favor scaled-down water bond, Wolk responds, tunnel opponents question bond’s ‘tunnel neutrality’, DWR files consistency determination with DSC, SCWA and Scripps sign agreement

    Likely voters favor scaled-down water bond:  “Two public opinion polls commissioned jointly by the California Alliance for Jobs, The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA) show that a scaled-­‐down water bond has a significantly better chance of obtaining voter approval than the $11.1 billion bond currently slated for the November 2014 …

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    Aug 06 2014

    News Worth Noting: Water bond comments from a coalition of advocacy groups and Audubon, Klamath irrigators told to cease irrigation, Conan O’Brien urges Californians to conserve

    Advocacy Groups Present Outline for Commonsense $6B Water Bond:  A coalition of environmental and other advocacy groups that includes the Sierra Club and the Planning and Conservation League released this statement yesterday on the Governor’s water bond proposal:  “Today a coalition of environmental and responsible government advocacy organizations released an alternative outline for a pared-down …

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    Aug 05 2014

    Article to note: Brown Pushes For $6 Billion Water Bond, Insists Plan Is ‘Tunnel Neutral’ – with Gov. Brown interview

    From Capital Public Radio: “California Governor Jerry Brown has broken his silence on water bond talks.  He’s opposing the $11 billion measure currently on the November ballot and proposing a $6 billion bond instead.   Brown’s outline sets aside a third of the money for storage projects, such as dams and reservoirs. … “ Read more …

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    Aug 05 2014

    This just in … Governor Brown’s water bond letter: “We must act now so that we can continue to manage as good stewards of this vital resource for generations to come. But we can and must do so without returning California to the days of overwhelming deficit and debt.”

    Leave it to my wonderful readers to dig up what I hadn’t been able to find (Thank you!) … here’s the letter from Governor Jerry Brown: “To My Fellow Citizens of California: Drought conditions in California grow more serious by the day. Last month, the State Water Resources Control Board issued mandatory conservation measures to …

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