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    Mar 13 2014

    Update on Assembly water bond efforts

    From Alf Brandt at Assemblyman Anthony Rendon’s office, this update on the Assembly’s water bond efforts: “The last week has seen many developments with AB 1331 (Rendon) and the Assembly’s water bond efforts. Requests for Last Week’s Amendments.  On March 5, Assemblymember Rendon amended his AB 1331 to increase the amount of funding available for …

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    Mar 06 2014

    News worth noting: Rendon proposes increasing funding for water storage in AB 1331, Wolk responds, $387M in Army Corps projects for CA, and WebEx meeting next week on Sacramento and San Joaquin Basins Study

    Assemblymember Rendon adds increased funding for water storage in AB 1331:   Assemblymember Anthony Rendon (D-Lakewood), Chair of the Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee, announced today that he is proposing amendments to Assembly Bill (AB) 1331—the Clean and Safe Drinking Water Act of 2014—to increase funding for above and below ground water storage from $1.5 …

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    Feb 19 2014

    This just in … Wolk’s water bond SB848, passes another committee; Organizations and agencies state their support

    From Senator Wolk’s office: Senate Bill 848 by Senator Lois Wolk (D-Davis), the first water bond proposal from either the California State Senate or Assembly to be approved by a committee or floor vote, earned passage from its second committee today. The Senate’s Environmental Quality Committee voted 6-2 to approve the $6.895 billion water bond …

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    Feb 11 2014

    Natural Resources and Water Committee approves Wolk water bond to address state’s urgent water needs

    From Senator Wolk’s office: “The Senate’s Natural Resources and Water Committee voted 6-0 today to approve a $6.895 billion water bond by Senator Lois Wolk (D-Davis) to begin immediately meeting urgent water needs throughout California. Senate Bill 848, also known as “The Safe Drinking Water, Water Quality & Water Supply Act,” would replace the $11.14 …

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    Feb 06 2014

    Water bond update: The three bond measures, side by side: AB 1331, SB 848, and SB 927

    The Assembly Water, Parks, and Wildlife Committee has prepared a comparison between the three proposed bonds: AB 1331, the $6.5 Billion bond being developed by the Assembly water committee; SB 848, Senator Wolk’s $6.825 Billion bond measure, and SB 927, Senator Cannella’s modifications to the existing bond that would drop it down to $9.217 Billion. …

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    Feb 04 2014

    Water bond update: Senator Wolk releases mock-up of SB 848, The Safe Drinking Water, Water Quality, and Water Supply Act of 2014

    A mock-up of Senator Wolk’s water bond, SB 848, The Safe Drinking Water, Water Quality, and Water Supply Act of 2014, has been released which shows the amendments Senator Wolk is proposing to make the original bill’s language. This mock-up of the bill represents significant revisions to the original bill and is the version that …

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    Jan 30 2014

    Senators Cannella and Vidak say it’s time to pass a water bond; introduce legislation to pare down $11B version currently on the ballot

    From the website of Senator Andy Vidak: “Senators Anthony Cannella (R-Ceres) and Andy Vidak (R-Hanford) today announced new legislation to put a water bond on the November 2014 ballot that prioritizes water storage and clean drinking water, and protects the Delta water supply. Senate Bill 927 pares down the water bond that the Legislature negotiated …

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    Dec 05 2013

    Assembly water bond hearing focuses on north state needs

    From Assemblymember Anthony Rendon: “Assemblyman Anthony Rendon (D-Lakewood), chair of the Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee convened a hearing in Redding at the request of Assembly Member Brian Dahle (R-Bieber) to discuss regional water issues, the looming statewide water crisis, and the state Assembly’s water bond proposal.  Assembly Members Adam Gray (D-Modesto) and Mariko …

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    Oct 30 2013

    Policy, politics & public opinion: What does it take to craft and pass a successful water bond?

    With the grim reaper of legislation sure to be visiting the $11.14 billion water bond early in 2014 to officially banish the bond to the junk pile of failed legislation, both the Assembly and Senate are hard at work crafting its successor.  However, the current water bond has been hotly contested, and there’s no guarantee …

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    Sep 25 2013

    Maven’s Minutes: Senator Wolk and Assemblymember Rendon present their bonds at the Joint Senate Committee hearing, “Setting the Stage for a 2014 Water Bond: Where Are We and Where Do We Need To Go?”

    Currently, there are two bond measures that are working their way through the legislative process.  Senator Lois Wolk has introduced SB 42 that would replace the current 2014 bond with the $6.475 billion “Safe Drinking Water, Water Quality, and Flood Protection Act of 2014.”  Assemblymember Anthony Rendon has introduced AB 1331, which would replace the …

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    Sep 25 2013

    Senate hears water bond proposals; Legislators, public discuss options for 2014 Water Bond

    From Senator Wolk’s office: A joint hearing of the Senate Environmental Quality and Natural Resources and Water Committees heard presentations and comments this morning on two water bond proposals, including Senator Lois Wolk’s Senate Bill 42, The Safe Drinking Water, Water Quality & Flood Protection Act of 2014. Wolk’s SB 42 provides funding for projects …

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    Sep 15 2013

    State and Federal legislation update: State legislature punts to 2014, House version of WRDA bill introduced

    The State Legislature has adjourned for the year, punting the water bond, CEQA reform and the possible move of the drinking water program until after they return in January.  Meanwhile in Washington, House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman Bill Shuster has introduced his version of the Water Resources Development Act which is scheduled to be voted …

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    Sep 12 2013

    Water bond update: Assembly Water Bond Working Group completes its work on new state water Bond

    From the Assembly Water, Parks, and Wildlife Committee: “The Water Bond Working Group convened by Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez and chaired by Assembly Member Anthony Rendon has completed its initial work on rebooting the critically flawed water bond passed by the Legislature in 2009.  Rendon commented: “I am very proud of the efforts of …

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    Aug 20 2013

    Uncommitted water bond funds: Just how much is there?

    From 2000 to 2008, voters approved nearly $100 billion in general obligation bonds to fund the state’s infrastructure needs with about a quarter of that being approved for water infrastructure projects. However, not all of those bond funds have been spent, and there has been much speculation as to how much remains uncommitted and how …

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    Aug 18 2013

    Maven’s Minutes: Assembly Committee for Water, Parks, and Wildlife’s informational hearing on the framework for a water bond

    On August 15, the Assembly Committee for Water, Parks, and Wildlife held an informational hearing to gather public comment as they continue to work on developing a new water bond, titled “The Clean Drinking Water & Climate Change Response Act of 2014,” to address California’s water infrastructure needs. “What we’re here to do today is …

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