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Apr 19 2014

Kern County Water Agency, Metropolitan Water District and the State Water Contractors respond to the 5% allocation announcement

From the Kern County Water Agency: The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) announced today that it will increase the State Water Project (SWP) water delivery allocation from 0 to 5 percent.  This means that SWP water users in Kern County will now receive 49,137 acre-feet of SWP water in 2014. “Every acre-foot of water …

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Apr 18 2014

This just in … Media call: Federal and state officials announce increased SWP allocations to 5%, water for refuges, barriers in the Delta, and actions being taken to benefit fish

Earlier this afternoon, the Department of Water Resources held a drought update media call.  On the call today, Mark Cowin, Director of the Department of Water Resources; Chuck Bonham, Director of Department of Fish and Wildlife; David Murillo, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, Ren Lohefener, US Fish and Wildlife Service; and Maria Rea, NOAA Fisheries. Here’s …

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Apr 18 2014

This just in … Late storms allow 5% allocation to State Water Project users, means Delta barriers avoided and drought relief actions for fish fast-tracked; Additional action sought on water quality standards

From the Department of Water Resources: Rain and snow from February and March storms have allowed the Department of Water Resources (DWR) to increase water contract allocations for State Water Project (SWP) deliveries from zero to five percent. Precipitation from these recent storms also eliminates the current need for rock barriers to be constructed in …

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Feb 21 2014

Farm organizations, Feinstein react to announcement of zero allocation

Today, the Bureau of Reclamation announced the initial Central Valley Project allocations, giving no water to North of Delta and South of Delta ag contractors, 50% for CVP M&I contractors, and 40% for wildlife refuges and settlement contractors.  Here are the statements I’ve received or found so far, listed in alphabetical order.  More will be …

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Feb 21 2014

Reclamation announces initial 2014 Central Valley Project Water Supply Allocation: 0% for North of Delta, South of Delta ag; 50% for M&I

From the Bureau of Reclamation: The Bureau of Reclamation today announced the initial 2014 water supply allocation for Central Valley Project agricultural contractors, municipal and industrial contractors and federal refuges. The California Department of Water Resources reports that snowpack and precipitation in the Sierra Nevada are historically low and the snow-water content statewide stands at …

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Feb 17 2014

Reclamation notifies San Joaquin River Exchange Contractors Authority that they will only receive 40% of their entitlement, far below their contractual 75% critical year entitlement

The Bureau of Reclamation has notified the San Joaquin River Exchange Contractors Authority (Exchange Contractors) that due to the exceptionally dry conditions, the Exchange Contractors will only be receiving 40% (or 336,000 acre-feet) this year, far below their 75% (or 650,000 acre-feet) critical year entitlement that is specified in their contracts. The San Joaquin River …

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Feb 01 2014

Legislators and organizations react to news of 0% allocation for State Water Project water

In response to the news of no State Water Project water this year unless conditions drastically improve, legislators and organizations have issued responses.  Here is a rundown, in alphabetical order: (Note: To have your organization’s response included here, please email me.  I will update this post at the end of the day with any additional …

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Jan 31 2014

State Water Project allocation drops to zero; seeks to preserve remaining supplies

From the Department of Water Resources: SACRAMENTO – To protect Californians’ health and safety from more severe water shortages in the months ahead, the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) today took actions to conserve the state’s precious resources. As a result, everyone – farmers, fish, and people in our cities and towns – will …

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