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    Tag Archive: salmon

    Sep 16 2014

    This just in … Reclamation Releases Additional Water to Address Fish Health in Lower Klamath River

    From the Bureau of Reclamation: In response to the discovery of a parasite infection in Chinook salmon in the lower Klamath River, the Bureau of Reclamation began today to release additional water from Trinity Reservoir. On Monday, Sept. 15, scientists from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Fish Health Center captured and examined 20 fish …

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    Jul 22 2014

    NOAA and CDFW release federal recovery plan for salmon and steelhead

    From the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and NOAA: NOAA Fisheries and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) today jointly released two plans to restore populations of salmon and steelhead in California’s Central Valley: NOAA Fisheries’ Chinook Salmon and Steelhead Recovery Plan and CDFW’s Ecosystem Restoration Program (ERP) Conservation Strategy. The two …

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    May 14 2014

    CDFW and NOAA Fisheries introduce voluntary drought initiative to protect salmon and steelhead

    From the California Department of Fish and Game: “The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Fisheries announced a Voluntary Drought Initiative today designed to protect populations of salmon and steelhead from the effects of the current unprecedented drought. “This is one of many measures we’re attempting to …

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    Feb 27 2014

    Letter: Advisory Committee recommends Bonham deny the incidental take permit for the BDCP

    An advisory committee has recommended that Director of Fish & Wildlife Chuck Bonham deny the incidental take permit for the BDCP’s Alternative 4, saying that the plan does not meet the requirements of a Natural Communities Conservation Plan and therefore cannot be approved because it will contribute to the further decline of salmon. The California …

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    Jul 25 2013

    News worth noting: Good levee news, bad salmon news, and San Diego gets a court date

    How about some good levee news for a change? Department of Water Resources approves funding to strengthen Delta levees:  Fourteen reclamation district projects will receive $30 million in funding for Delta levee improvements under the Delta Special Flood Control Projects’ Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP) Levee Repair and Improvement Project Solicitation Package (PSP).  The projects include …

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    Jul 17 2013

    Department of Fish and Wildlife releases “Status of the Fisheries” report

    The Department of Fish and Wildlife has released an update to the Status of the Fisheries report summarizing  the status of 18 of California’s marine species through 2011.  The report,a requirement of the Marine Life Management Act, is used to examine the effectiveness of DFW’s management programs and helps to determine if changes in regulations …

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    Jul 01 2013

    Maven’s Minutes: Delta Stewardship Council hears about dry conditions and Shasta’s cold water pool, plus the Delta Watermaster’s latest report

    The operators of the State Water Project and the Central Valley Project have concerns that the releases of water now from Shasta Dam to maintain water quality standards in the Delta are jeopardizing the cold water pool needed to support salmon spawning in the fall, leading the State Water Board to agree to allow the …

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    Jun 29 2013

    Raising Shasta Dam: Reclamation releases the Draft Environmental Impact Statement; public review period begins

    The Bureau of Reclamation has released the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for raising Shasta Dam, opening up a 90-day public comment and review period.  The draft EIR evaluates five different alternatives that would raise the dam from 6.5 feet to 18.5 feet, enlarging the reservoir by 256,000 to 634,000 acre-feet.  A  no-action alternative is analyzed as well. Reclamation says the project, …

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    Apr 16 2013

    Consolidated Delta smelt and salmonid cases update: Court grants a one-year extension on biological opinions

    The Eastern District Court has granted the request of the water and federal fish agencies to extend the deadline for rewrite of the Delta smelt and salmonid biological opinions by one year in order to implement an adaptive management program.  The extension falls short of the three-year extension that the agencies had been requesting; however, …

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    Mar 19 2013

    Consolidated Delta smelt and salmonid cases update: Agencies argue their case for an extension of time

    Last Friday, the Department of Water Resources and the federal fish agencies filed their brief in Fresno supporting their request for a three-year extension of the remand schedule for the new biological opinions in order to implement a collaborative science and adaptive management program (CSAMP).  The Court had initially denied the request at the end …

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    Feb 26 2013

    Maven’s Minutes: California Water Policy Seminar Series continues with Peter Moyle: The future of freshwater fishes in California

    The UC Davis California Water Policy Seminar Series continued on February 11, 2013, with California fish expert Peter B. Moyle, professor and former Chair of the Department of Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology as the featured speaker.  Peter Moyle has spent over 40 years studying the ecology and conservation of California’s freshwater and estuarine species, …

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    Feb 25 2013

    Maven’s Minutes: State Water Board discusses updated flow objectives for San Joaquin tributaries

    At their February 21st meeting, the Delta Stewardship Council heard an informational update on the State Water Resources Control Board’s proposal to revise flow objectives for the Lower San Joaquin River and southern Delta salinity objectives, as the Board begins to wrap up phase one of the update to the Bay Delta Water Quality Control …

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