This just in … Most Property Owners and Water Suppliers Comply With State Water Board’s Russian River Informational Order; Complaints Issued for the Rest

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State Water Board issues 1881 complaints; violations carry potential fines of $500/day From the State Water Resources Control Board: Approximately 80 percent of more than 10,000 property owners and water suppliers in four Russian River tributary watersheds have complied with a State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) Informational Order issued this past fall to protect Central Coast coho […]

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Saving salmon in a changing California


Dr. Peter Moyle lays out a six-point plan for helping salmon adapt to California’s warm future We don’t have to accept a future without salmon, but we need to take action now, says Dr. Peter Moyle, Associate Director at the UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences.  He laid out the six steps that the state can take to increase the […]

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Gimme Shelter: How habitat restoration can help improve salmon resiliency to climate change

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Food supplies and temperature refuges are some of the ways habitat restoration can help salmon adapt to climate change, says Dr. Ted Sommer As California’s climate changes, concern grows for the survival of salmon, but research shows that habitat restoration may be one of the key tools for supporting salmon in the years ahead, says Dr. Ted Sommer, DWR’s Lead […]

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Juvenile Chinook challenges in the Central Valley: baked, boiled or bass food?


The predator issue: Just how bad is it? Dr. Sean Hayes discusses the results of recent studies on the San Joaquin Coverage of the California Salmon and Climate Variability Symposium continues with Dr. Sean Hayes, Salmon Ecology Team Leader for NOAA Fisheries, who talked about his latest research into juvenile outmigration survival, in particular, focusing on predation studies on the San Joaquin. […]

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A regional-scale view of climate impacts on California’s salmon habitats

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 Dr. Nathan Mantua discusses how climate change and seasonal weather patterns influence coastal and marine salmon habitats Earlier this fall, the UC Davis Coastal and Marine Sciences Institute Center for Coastal Ocean Issues and the Delta Science Program convened the California Salmon and Climate Variability Symposium to explore how variable and changing ocean and hydrologic conditions affect Central Valley salmon […]

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Conserving Chinook salmon at the southern end of their range: Challenges and opportunities

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NOAA Fisheries Rachel Johnson opens salmon symposium with a look at the outmigration and life history diversity strategies that have allowed salmon to evolve and survive on California’s highly variable landscape Warming temperatures, changing hydrographs, drought, and other impacts of our changing climate present challenges to the survival of salmon in California. Is there anything that can be done to […]

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Sacto Valley water managers respond to NRDC et al lawsuit: Statements of illegal diversions and federal mismanagement are unsubstantiated, they say

Birds populate a recently harvested rice fields off Erle Road in Yuba County. (October 8th, 2014)

Sacramento Valley rice growers say they have voluntarily deferred diversions and taken other actions to reduce drought impacts on fish and waterfowl The Sacramento River Settlement Contractors have issued the following statement in response to yesterday’s press release, Enviro groups sue Reclamation and rice growers for mismanagement leading to demise of near-extinct salmon: The Sacramento River Settlement Contractors (SRSCs), representing […]

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This just in … Enviro groups sue Reclamation and rice growers for mismanagement leading to demise of near-extinct salmon

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Illegal Diversion of Water Threatens to End Chinook Salmon Survival in California, they say From the NRDC, this press release: “Environmental groups filed a request yesterday to supplement their complaint against the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and growers who flood irrigate rice in the Sacramento Valley for mismanaging water supplies that should have been used to protect California’s once-booming salmon […]

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Shasta Dam Fish Passage Evaluation: Winter-run Chinook may swim above Shasta Dam once again

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Agency scientists discuss the winter-run captive broodstock program at Livingston Stone National Fish Hatchery, the conceptual designs for the juvenile collector facilities, and the pilot implementation plan and schedule The NMFS biological opinion on the coordinated operation of the state and federal water projects concluded that CVP and SWP operations were likely to jeopardize the continued existence of salmonids, and […]

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Managing fisheries during drought conditions: Maximizing the effectiveness of limited water supplies

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Fish and wildlife officials discuss the drought response actions being taken by federal, state, and local agencies to reduce the impacts to fish and wildlife resources As the weather heats up for the summer months and the drought drags on, water supplies are being stretched to their breaking point.  While agricultural and urban users have had to struggle with significant […]

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