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Dec 17 2014

Groundwater adjudication hearing, part 3: Panel discussion on options for moving forward

Groundwater adjudications, notoriously expensive and time consuming, emerged as an issue during the development and ultimate passage of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act of 2014, and the Brown Administration has made it a priority to consider possible reforms.  To that end, on November 20, the Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Water held an informational …

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Dec 16 2014

Groundwater adjudication hearing, part 2: Case Study on the Antelope Valley Adjudication

The Antelope Valley groundwater adjudication case is the current poster child for how painfully long and expensive groundwater adjudications can be.  The enormous case involves a multitude of public agencies, farmers, cities, the federal government, and landowners, both large and small, some of whom pump water, but most who don’t but still hold groundwater rights …

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Dec 15 2014

Groundwater adjudication hearing, part 1: Justice Robie with an overview on how groundwater disputes are resolved in California

In August of this year, Governor Brown signed the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act, requiring local officials for the first time to create sustainable groundwater management plans.  These management plans potentially could involve pumping restrictions or new pumping fees and as a result, more legal disputes and groundwater adjudications may likely result. Groundwater adjudications have been …

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Dec 02 2014

This just in … Updated Report: Groundwater Resources Depleted By Drought

From the Department of Water Resources: Following one of the driest years on record when groundwater resources have provided an increasing percentage of California’s water supply, the Department of Water Resources (DWR) today released an updated report on groundwater basins that details groundwater level changes, potential water shortages, land subsidence, farmland fallowing and gaps in …

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Sep 24 2014

Groundwater pumping and subsidence in the Central Valley

It’s been called the largest alteration of the earth’s surface.  In the San Joaquin Valley,  since the 1920s, farmers have relied on groundwater to varying degrees, and over time, overpumping of groundwater basin has caused the land to subside – over 30 feet in some locations.  In this presentation, USGS hydrologist Michelle Sneed discusses subsidence …

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Sep 17 2014

Groundwater and surface water interactions under water shortage

The exceptionally dry conditions along with the recent passage of groundwater legislation has focused the state’s attention on its groundwater resources.  In this presentation, Groundwater and Surface Water Interactions Under Water Shortage, Thomas Harter, faculty and cooperative extension specialist with UC Davis, gives an overview of groundwater and how groundwater works, where groundwater is in …

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Sep 04 2014

News Worth Noting: Assemblyman Logue urges Governor not to sign groundwater legislation, legal analysis on groundwater legislation, San Joaquin River Restoration Program reports now available

Assemblyman Logue urges Governor Brown not to sign groundwater legislation:  “North State Assemblyman and Chief Minority Whip, Dan Logue, along with a bi-partisan group of legislators, sent a letter to Governor Jerry Brown urging him to veto SB 1168, SB 1319 and AB 1739, bills that were passed last week during the last day of …

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Aug 30 2014

Reactions: Legislators and organizations respond to the passage of groundwater legislation

Here’s what organizations and legislators are saying about the passage of groundwater legislation, which now awaits the Governor’s signature, listed in alphabetical order: From the Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA): ACWA Applauds Passage of Groundwater Legislation The statewide Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA) hailed final passage today of historic groundwater sustainability legislation in …

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Aug 28 2014

Reactions: State legislators on the Senate passage of groundwater legislation

Here’s what the legislators have to say about the Senate’s passage of groundwater legislation: From Senator Tom Berryhill: “Senator Tom Berryhill (R- Twain Harte) issued the following statement on legislation to regulate groundwater: “It took us more than 10 years to come up with a water bond that works for all of California.  To tell …

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Aug 27 2014

Statement from the California Water Foundation on California Senate Vote to Advance Groundwater Legislation

The California Water Foundation (CWF) issued the following statement from Executive Director Lester Snow after the California State Senate voted 26-1 to advance AB 1739, which now moves to the Assembly floor for a concurrence vote: “We praise the work of the Senate for their leadership and good sense to advance this bill. Today’s bipartisan …

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Aug 25 2014

Supporters of groundwater reform unveil modified California state flag to illustrate need for action; Effort urges lawmakers to pass groundwater bills

From the California Water Foundation: Heading into the final week of the state’s legislative session, the California Water Foundation unveiled a modified California state flag that features a desert camel instead of a grizzly bear to illustrate the severity of the state’s groundwater crisis and urge lawmakers to pass groundwater management legislation. Over the course …

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Aug 01 2014

Article to note: California groundwater legislation will be amended Monday; Basins get more than two decades to balance groundwater use.

From the Circle of Blue: “California lawmakers begin their sprint finish Monday to pass new rules for managing groundwater before the legislature goes home for the year on August 31. A group of heavy-hitters in the world of California water policy — the Association of California Water Agencies, which represents 440 public water providers, and …

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Jul 17 2014

This just in … CASGEM posts list and map of unmonitored high and medium priority groundwater basins as of July 15; technical report and public comments also posted

The Department of Water Resources has produced a list and a map showing the high and medium priority groundwater basins that are not currently monitored under the CASGEM program. The list and map are available here. Also, the Final CASGEM Groundwater Basin Prioritization Technical Report and Appendix A (June 2014) have been posted on the …

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Jul 10 2014

This just in … New report from the California Water Foundation highlights urgent need to address groundwater problems throughout California

From the California Water Foundation: Management of California’s groundwater basins is fragmented, and many groundwater management plans are outdated and lacking important details, leaving significant room for improvement, according to a report released today by the California Water Foundation (CWF). The report, An Evaluation of California Groundwater Management Planning, assesses the current condition of groundwater …

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Jun 10 2014

This just in … Final CASGEM Groundwater Basin Prioritization results now available

From the Department of Water Resources CASGEM program: “To meet requirements specified in the California Water Code, the Department of Water Resources (DWR) developed the CASGEM Basin Prioritization Process. In January, 2014, DWR published the draft results of the prioritization of California’s 515 groundwater basins and subbasins.   The CASGEM Program also held five workshops throughout …

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