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    Aug 20 2014

    Radio transcript: BBC’s Business Daily talks drought with the Delta Conservancy’s Campbell Ingram and DWR’s Paul Helliker

    From the BBC’s radio show, Business Daily: Business Daily travels to California where the worst drought in four decades is hitting farmers hard. Justin Rowlatt visits Ron Cardella’s farm and winery where he is having to pump groundwater and make tough choices about which crops to save. Peter Vallis of the San Joaquin Valley Winegrowers …

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    Aug 20 2014

    Drought: An insidious stress on wildlife

    The University of California’s Agriculture and Natural Resources (UCANR) has developed a series of webinars titled Insights: Water and Drought which feature timely, relevant expertise on water and drought from experts around the University of California system.  In this webinar, Greg Giusti, a Cooperative Extension Advisor in Forest and Wildland Ecology in Mendocino County discusses …

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    Aug 13 2014

    Salinity management in the Delta during times of drought

    At the July 25th meeting of the Delta Stewardship Council, council members heard a presentation on the challenges of managing the Delta’s salinity during times of drought. Salinity in the Delta is largely a tug of war between the daily and seasonal tides pushing in from San Francisco Bay and the flow of fresh water …

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    Aug 11 2014

    California Weather Blog: Major lightning outbreak/fire weather event likely in California, part of very active summer monsoon in 2014, plus is persistent ridging returning … ?

    From the California Weather Blog: California’s very active summer pattern (see below) is set to continue over the next few days. As of Sunday afternoon, a well-defined cutoff low had set up shop about 150 miles northwest of San Francisco. This low–which is rather deep for the late-summer months–has actually begun to retrograde (move back westward) while sending …

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    Aug 01 2014

    This just in … Boxer, Feinstein, Napolitano, DeFazio Introduce “W21: Water in the 21st Century” Legislation

    From Congresswoman Grace Napolitano’s website: ” U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA), U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), U.S. Representative Grace Napolitano (D-CA) and U.S. Representative Peter DeFazio (D-OR) today introduced “W21: Water in the 21st Century,” legislation that would help communities nationwide better prepare for the future by providing new incentives and investments to help residents, …

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    Jul 31 2014

    This just in … GOP releases statement on drought negotiations: Progress made but negotiations to continue

    From Congressman David Valadao’s office: On Thursday, July 31, 2014, Members of the California Republican Delegation (Reps. LaMalfa (CA-01), McClintock (CA-04), Denham (CA-10), Valadao (CA-21), Nunes (CA-22), McCarthy (CA-23), Calvert (CA-42)) issued the following statement regarding current negotiations between the House of Representatives and the Senate to address the California drought: “California’s drought continues to …

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    Jul 29 2014

    This just in … Mandatory water conservation regulation goes into effect

    From the State Water Resources Control Board: “On July 29, 2014, an emergency regulation to increase conservation practices for all Californians went into effect.  The new conservation regulation targets outdoor urban water use.  In some areas of the State, 50 percent or more of daily water use is for lawns and outdoor landscaping. This regulation …

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    Jul 29 2014

    Metropolitan’s Bay-Delta Committee hears on update on the State Water Board’s actions in the Delta … are illegal diversions occurring?

    At the July 22 meeting of Metropolitan Water District’s Special Committee on the Bay-Delta, attorney Becky Sheehan updated committee members on the State Water Resources Control Board’s activities as they relate to the Bay Delta. She began with a little history, noting that this extremely dry year was preceded by two very dry years.  Earlier …

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    Jul 29 2014

    News Worth Noting: Congressional Research Service report on federal drought legislation; Settlement will prevent sewage discharges into SF Bay, Lower American River salmonid habitat project to begin, Restore the Delta experts criticize BDCP, Owens Valley Committee on Lower Owens River summit

    Congressional Research Service: Federal Response to Drought in California: An Analysis of S. 2198 and H.R. 3964: ” … This report discusses the similarities and differences between two bills that have been passed by their respective chambers: H.R. 3964, which passed the House on February 5, 2014; and S. 2198, which passed the Senate on …

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    Jul 25 2014

    DWR & Reclamation write State Water Board, allege water being wrongly diverted from the South and Central Delta

    The California Department of Water Resources and the Bureau of Reclamation have written a letter to the Deputy Director of the State Water Resources Control Board Division of Water Rights, asking her to use her authorities to order south and central Delta diverters to provide supporting information for their asserted water rights, as well as …

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    Jul 16 2014

    Reactions: ACWA, Metropolitan, NRDC and State Water Contractors respond to the State Water Board’s actions to increase urban water conservation

    Yesterday, the State Water Resources Control Board voted to allow local law enforcement and water agencies to impose a maximum $500-a-day fine on water wasters, as well as other provisions for water suppliers.  (See press release here.) Here’s what organizations are saying about the regulations, listed in alphabetical order: From the Association of California Water Agencies …

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    Jul 15 2014

    State Water Board approves emergency regulation to ensure agencies and state residents increase water conservation

    From the State Water Resources Control Board: “In response to the ongoing severe drought, on Tuesday the State Water Resources Control Board approved an emergency regulation to ensure water agencies, their customers and state residents increase water conservation in urban settings or face possible fines or other enforcement. The new conservation regulation is intended to …

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    Jul 15 2014

    Drought impact study: California agriculture faces greatest water loss ever seen

    From the University of California Davis: “A new report from the University of California, Davis, shows that California agriculture is weathering its worst drought in decades due to groundwater reserves, but the nation’s produce basket may come up dry in the future if it continues to treat those reserves like an unlimited savings account. The …

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    Jul 08 2014

    This just in … Tomorrow’s news tonight: State Water Board to consider emergency drought regulations for urban water conservation

    Tomorrow, State Water Board officials will be holding a media call to discuss emergency drought regulations for urban water conservation which will be considered at the upcoming State Water Board meeting on July 15th. The regulations call for no outdoor watering that causes runoff onto adjacent properties, public walkways, etc; using a hose to wash …

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    Jul 02 2014

    This just in … State Water Board approves emergency regulation to assure compliance with water rights curtailment orders

    From the State Water Resources Control Board: “In response to the ongoing severe drought, the State Water Resources Control Board Wednesday approved an emergency regulation to assure compliance with curtailment orders issued to protect senior water rights throughout the state. The new regulation will require junior water right holders to immediately stop taking water upon …

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