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    Tag Archive: desalination

    Jul 09 2014

    State Water Board releases proposed amendment to address desalination facilities

    The State Water Resources Control Board has released a proposed amendment for a 45-day public comment period that would amend the Water Quality Control Plan for Ocean Waters (Ocean Plan) to address desalination facilities. Desalination is one element in California’s diverse water supply portfolio, and can be a reliable source of water at the regional …

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    Aug 08 2013

    State Water Board update: Addressing the impacts of desalination facilities

    With at least seventeen seawater desalination facilities currently proposed along California’s coast in such locales as Huntington Beach, Monterey Bay, and the Bay Area, desalination is being increasingly seen by some coastal communities as a way to alleviate their water shortages. Desalination is the process of removing the dissolved salts and minerals from brackish or …

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    Jun 04 2013

    Blog round-up: Bloggers on the BDCP, fish screens, climate change and native fishes, restructuring the SWP and more!

    The BDCP faces a geographic fight, says John Wildermuth over at Fox & Hounds, although they say the politics of geography has nothing to do with it:  ” …  Brown’s people say independent studies show the water project will bring the state at least $5 billion in benefits over the 50-year life of the project. …

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    Feb 04 2013

    Monday blog roundup: Bloggers discuss the BDCP, the Delta Plan, regulated rivers, groundwater, and more

    up_goer_five snippet

    Conversation ran the gamut last week in the blogosphere: DWR’s Mark Cowin on where we stand with the BDCP: Acknowledging the that the BDCP process has been long, complicated, and expensive, as well as testing everyone’s collective patience, Mr. Cowin says the BDCP has made some real progress since Jerry Brown’s announcement in July.  The …

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    Sep 10 2012

    Maven's Minutes: Metropolitan's Water Planning and Stewardship Committee discusses desalination in Southern California

    The Metropolitan Water District’s Water Planning and Stewardship Committee received an update on desalination facilities currently being planned or considered for the Southern California area at their meeting on September 10, 2012. I listened in via webcast. OVERVIEW OF DESALINATION IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA Warren Teitz, Senior Resource Specialist at Metropolitan, began by detailing the history …

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    Aug 07 2012

    State Water Board to hold public workshop on the impacts of desalination facilities

    The State Water Resources Control Board will be holding a public workshop on Wednesday, August 22nd, to examine impacts of desalination facilities on the ocean environment as part of its process to develop an amendment to the Water Quality Control Plan for Ocean Waters of California (Ocean Plan) and the Water Quality Control Plan for …

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