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    Tag Archive: Department of Water Resources

    Sep 29 2014

    Director Mark Cowin updates Metropolitan’s Bay Delta Committee on the Bay Delta Conservation Plan and addresses EPA’s comments, plus Randy Fiorini of the Delta Stewardship Council on the Council’s five priorities

    The latest information on the Bay Delta Conservation Plan took center stage at the September 23rd meeting of Metropolitan Water District’s Special Committee on the Bay Delta. The meeting began with a presentation by Mark Cowin, Director of the Department of Water Resources, who updated the Committee the Bay Delta Conservation Plan and how the …

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    Jul 17 2014

    This just in … CASGEM posts list and map of unmonitored high and medium priority groundwater basins as of July 15; technical report and public comments also posted

    The Department of Water Resources has produced a list and a map showing the high and medium priority groundwater basins that are not currently monitored under the CASGEM program. The list and map are available here. Also, the Final CASGEM Groundwater Basin Prioritization Technical Report and Appendix A (June 2014) have been posted on the …

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    Mar 14 2014

    DWR’s Paul Helliker discusses temporary dams in the Delta for salinity control

    On yesterday’s edition of Insights on Capitol Radio, host Beth Ruyak discusses the temporary dams that are being proposed for the Delta with Deputy Director of the Department of Water Resources, Paul Helliker.  Here is a transcript of their discussion: (Note: For ease of reading, only Paul Helliker’s remarks will be in italics; the host, …

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    Feb 27 2014

    Snow survey finds slightly increased water content (24%): New storms helping, but drought remains

    From the Department of Water Resources: Storms are lightly blanketing the Sierra with fresh snow, but Department of Water Resources (DWR) snow surveyors today reported that snowpack water content remains far below what will be needed by cities and farms this summer. “We welcome the late storms but they are not enough to end the …

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    Jan 31 2014

    Snow surveyors find sparse snowpack as drought retains grip on California

    From the California Department of Water Resources: “Freshly fallen snow from late-arriving storms brightened the scenery but did not end California’s drought. The winter’s second snow survey today found far too little water in the still scant snowpack. “This winter remains dry, making it very unlikely our record drought will be broken this year,” said …

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    Jan 05 2014

    First snow survey of 2014 shows dry conditions; California braces for possible third dry year

    From the Department of Water Resources: SACRAMENTO –  As California’s dry weather pushes into the new year, the Department of Water Resources (DWR) today announced that its first snow survey of the winter found more bare ground than snow. Manual and electronic readings record the snowpack’s statewide water content at about 20 percent of average …

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    Nov 11 2013

    Maven’s Minutes: State Water Project operations outlook for 2014

    At the National Water Research Institute’s Drought Response Workshop, October 8, 2013, John Leahigh, Principal Engineer for State Water Project Operations at California Department of Water Resources, gave a briefing on the outlook for operations of the State Water Project in the coming year. During his presentation, he discussed the challenge of the newer, variable regulatory …

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    Jul 01 2013

    Maven’s Minutes: Delta Stewardship Council hears about dry conditions and Shasta’s cold water pool, plus the Delta Watermaster’s latest report

    The operators of the State Water Project and the Central Valley Project have concerns that the releases of water now from Shasta Dam to maintain water quality standards in the Delta are jeopardizing the cold water pool needed to support salmon spawning in the fall, leading the State Water Board to agree to allow the …

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    Apr 23 2013

    Maven’s Minutes: State Water Project reliability issues – It’s not all about the Delta, plus an update on the Thermalito Pumping Plant fire

    Decreasing water supply reliability and increasing costs are not just about problems in the Delta.  Serious labor recruitment and retention issues within the State Water Project have cost rate payers at least $70 million in additional costs and, in one case, cost one agency 67,000 acre-feet of water. The California Water Commission has been actively …

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    Permanent link to this article: http://mavensnotebook.com/2013/04/23/mavens-minutes-from-the-california-water-commission-state-water-project-reliability-its-not-just-about-the-delta-plus-an-update-on-the-thermalito-pumping-plant-fire/

    Apr 16 2013

    Consolidated Delta smelt and salmonid cases update: Court grants a one-year extension on biological opinions

    The Eastern District Court has granted the request of the water and federal fish agencies to extend the deadline for rewrite of the Delta smelt and salmonid biological opinions by one year in order to implement an adaptive management program.  The extension falls short of the three-year extension that the agencies had been requesting; however, …

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    Apr 04 2013

    Maven’s Minutes: California Water Policy Seminar Series presents Mark Cowin: “What’s so Funny ‘bout Peace, Love, and Understanding?”

    The Director of the Department of Water Resources, Mark Cowin, was the final speaker in the California Water Policy Seminar Series which concluded on March 18, 2013.  Mark Cowin has worked for over 30 years at the Department of Water Resources in a variety of positions, including Assistant Director for the CalFED program and as …

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    Mar 19 2013

    Consolidated Delta smelt and salmonid cases update: Agencies argue their case for an extension of time

    Last Friday, the Department of Water Resources and the federal fish agencies filed their brief in Fresno supporting their request for a three-year extension of the remand schedule for the new biological opinions in order to implement a collaborative science and adaptive management program (CSAMP).  The Court had initially denied the request at the end …

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    Feb 13 2013

    Take of Delta smelt nears limit, triggering cutbacks in Delta water exports


    On February 12, 2013, agency officials held a press conference to announce that mandatory restrictions put in place to protect Delta smelt had reduced water deliveries from the Delta by 700,000 acre-feet since November 1, which they say is enough to supply 1.4 million homes for a year or irrigate more than 200,000 acres of …

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    Dec 05 2012

    Maven's Minutes: At the BDCP Nov 29 public meeting, a glimpse of the BDCP's operating criteria, a cost benefit analysis to be conducted, stakeholders discuss participation and more

    “We don’t have what all of you want, which is the proposed project,” began Jerry Meral.  “We’re not there yet.” However, it is important to continue the public meetings and give as much of an update as possible, he said.  A draft document will hopefully be available for public review at the end of January …

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    Sep 20 2012

    Maven’s Minutes: The California Water Commission hears an update on dam safety

    With so many dams in California and the current dismal budget climate, perhaps you might have been concerned about the status of the state’s dam safety program?  Or maybe you hadn’t thought of it, but with over 1250 dams in California, it’s no doubt an important  issue.  Today’s Maven’s Minutes covers the presentation that David …

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