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Director Mark Cowin updates Metropolitan’s Bay Delta Committee on the Bay Delta Conservation Plan and addresses EPA’s comments, plus Randy Fiorini of the Delta Stewardship Council on the Council’s five priorities

Metropolitan Water District Seal

The latest information on the Bay Delta Conservation Plan took center stage at the September 23rd meeting of Metropolitan Water District’s Special Committee on the Bay Delta. The meeting began with a presentation by Mark Cowin, Director of the Department of Water Resources, who updated the Committee the Bay Delta Conservation Plan and how the Department is responding to the […]

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Delta Conservancy Board discusses land ownership and management in the Delta, funding for the Conservancy, and more, plus a brief update on the BDCP and the Delta Plan

Lindsay Slough

On July 23rd, the Delta Conservancy held a board meeting.  Agenda items included an overview and discussion of the Delta Land Management Workgroup Report and related activities, a brief discussion on Conservancy funding issues, an update on the Bay Delta Conservation Plan, an update on the Delta Stewardship Council’s activities, an overview of the proposed Delta economic indicators report, an […]

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How the Bay Delta Conservation Plan addresses the goals and objectives of the Delta Reform Act and the Delta Plan

Larry Roth 2

At the May 29th meeting of the Delta Stewardship Council, the main agenda item for the day was for the Council to finalize their comments that will be submitted on the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP) and its environmental documents. To set the stage for the discussion that would follow, the Council first received three additional briefings on reviews of […]

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ESTUARY News: One estuary, many plans


The latest online issue of ESTUARY News sums up two days of presentations and discussions on the 2013 State of the Estuary conference, held last October in Oakland.  Here’s my coverage of a panel moderated by the State Water Board’s Felicia Marcus which featured Mark Cowin from the Department of Water Resources, Chris Knopp from the Delta Stewardship Council, Chuck […]

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Maven’s Minutes: Delta Stewardship Council meeting, part 1: Preparing for the BDCP review, the California Water Action Plan, and implementing the Delta Plan

San Joaquin River, south Delta, Oct 2013 #2

The Delta Stewardship Council held a two-day meeting in November 21-22, 2013. On the agenda for this meeting was the upcoming review of the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP) documents, a follow-up on the habitat restoration report released earlier this year, an update on the progress being made on the Delta Plan Interagency Implementation Committee, a briefing on the California […]

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Maven’s Minutes: State of the Estuary Panel Discussion: One estuary, many plans: How will they fit together?

The 11th Biennial State of the Estuary  Conference was held in Oakland on October 29 and 30

The 11th Biennial State of the Estuary conference held in October, 2013, brought together the leaders from the state’s resource agencies to discuss the multiple planning processes going on and share their views on how these processes will work together. The panel discussion, One Estuary, Many Plans: How Will They Work Together?, was moderated by Felicia Marcus, Chair of the […]

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A primer on Delta and statewide planning projects


With the release of the Governor’s California Water Action Plan, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of planning processes currently underway. Just how many?  It’s easy to lose count.  Currently, there are three major planning efforts focused on the Delta: The Delta Plan, the Bay Delta Conservation Plan, and the Bay Delta Water Quality Control Plan.  The […]

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Maven’s Minutes: Covered Actions process begins, Delta Plan Implementation Committee update, and other notes from the Delta Stewardship Council’s October meeting

Covered Actions flowchart

At the October meeting of the Delta Stewardship Council, staff updated the Council on the covered actions regulatory process and the status of the Delta Plan Implementation Committee. Covered Actions regulatory process now underway With the Delta Plan’s regulations becoming effective the first of September, the Delta Stewardship Council is ‘open for business’ in terms of the regulatory process for […]

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Maven’s Minutes: Updates from the Delta Regional Forum, part 1: The Bay Delta Water Quality Control Plan, the Central Valley Flood Protection Plan, and the Delta Plan

Rio Vista Bridge

On September 19, the Department of Water Resources held a Delta regional forum as part of the update to the California Water Plan.  Part of the forum was dedicated to updates on some of the relevant planning processes currently underway involving the Delta.  This post will cover the information presented regarding the Bay Delta Water Quality Control Plan, the Central […]

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