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    Tag Archive: Delta Conservancy

    Nov 21 2014

    A restoration hub for the Delta: Better tools and processes for science-based restoration

    Restoration in the Delta has always been challenging, at best. Habitat restoration objectives already number in the tens of thousands of acres, and far more if the Bay Delta Conservation Plan should come to pass. But restoration on a large scale presents many challenges.  The proposed Delta Restoration Hub is an integrative model for planning, implementation, and …

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    Oct 16 2014

    Delta Conservancy September Board Meeting: Wildlife Friendly Agricultural Practices in the Delta, preparing for the water bond, and more …

    On September 24th, the Board of Directors of the Delta Conservancy held their quarterly meeting.  On the agenda, a presentation on a new program for bird-friendly agricultural practices being rolled out in the Delta later this year, and a discussion on initial preparations for potential water bond funds. Applying bird-friendly agricultural practices in the Delta …

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    Aug 20 2014

    Radio transcript: BBC’s Business Daily talks drought with the Delta Conservancy’s Campbell Ingram and DWR’s Paul Helliker

    From the BBC’s radio show, Business Daily: Business Daily travels to California where the worst drought in four decades is hitting farmers hard. Justin Rowlatt visits Ron Cardella’s farm and winery where he is having to pump groundwater and make tough choices about which crops to save. Peter Vallis of the San Joaquin Valley Winegrowers …

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    Aug 14 2014

    Delta Conservancy Board discusses land ownership and management in the Delta, funding for the Conservancy, and more, plus a brief update on the BDCP and the Delta Plan

    On July 23rd, the Delta Conservancy held a board meeting.  Agenda items included an overview and discussion of the Delta Land Management Workgroup Report and related activities, a brief discussion on Conservancy funding issues, an update on the Bay Delta Conservation Plan, an update on the Delta Stewardship Council’s activities, an overview of the proposed …

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    Aug 04 2014

    News Worth Noting: CSPA reviews Delta habitat restoration projects, Delta Conservancy & Stewardship Council newsletters, Golden Gate Salmon Ass’n on 21st Century Water Legislation, MCWD votes to sue over geothermal project

    An Overview of Habitat Restoration Successes and Failures in the Sacramento-San  Joaquin Delta: The California Sporfishing Protection Alliance has released a 48-page report on habitat restoration projects completed or underway in the Delta, reviewing projects individually on each island:  ” … Despite numerous restoration projects, there have been few documented successes in the Delta.  Many …

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    Jul 26 2014

    News Worth Noting: New Delta Conservancy Board Chair selected, BDCP a necessary investment say business leaders, City of Glendale fined for underground storage tank violations, Folsom Dam spillway

    New Delta Conservancy Board Chair selected:  “Jim Provenza, Yolo County supervisor, was selected as the chair of the Conservancy Board on Wednesday, July 23, 2014. Supervisor Provenza has been a board member since its inception in June 2010 and replaces two-term  Chair Ken Vogel, San Joaquin County Supervisor. Dan Taylor, an Assembly appointee, was selected as …

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    Jan 18 2013

    Is Peace Possible in the Delta? Panel discussion to bring together Delta Dialogues participants to tell the story of the process

    On Wednesday, February 6, 2013, the Delta Conservancy will host the event, “Is Peace Possible in the Delta?,” to bring together some of the participants in the Conservancy’s “Delta Dialogues” project for a panel discussion of the process and whether this type of facilitated discussion might lead to progress in the Delta. The Delta Dialogues …

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    Oct 19 2012

    Maven's Minutes: The Senate Select Committee hearing: The Next Decade in the Delta

    On Monday, October 15th, Senator Lois Wolk, Chair of the Senate Select Committee on Delta Stewardship and Sustainability, held a hearing at the Contra Costa County Administration Building in Martinez. The hearing, titled “The Next Decade in the Delta”, highlighted the efforts and successes of recent Delta stakeholder coalitions. Calling it a step forward, Senator …

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    Aug 11 2012

    The Delta Conservancy approves a Strategic Plan, attempting to set a path forward in an uncertain future

    The Delta Conservancy, a State-designated agency for implementing ecosystem restoration in the Delta, has approved a Strategic Plan outlining the priorities, goals and objectives of the agency.   However, without a stable funding source, the future role of the Conservancy remains uncertain and will likely be shaped by the completion – or not – of the …

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