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Delta challenges workshop, part 2: Water supply reliability and its challenges

View of the Harvey O. Banks Pumping Plant.

Panelists discuss water operations and supply, climate change, the regulatory environment, water conservation, and water supply economics Earlier this year,  the Delta Science Program tasked the four former Delta lead scientists with developing a brief report for policy makers and the general public that explains the challenges, complexities, and controversies operating in the Delta.  The Delta Challenges Workshop, held in […]

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Droughts, climate change, and dams: Reconciling a future for California’s native fishes

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Dr. Peter Moyle lays out a statewide aquatic conservation strategy for saving California’s native fishes in the face of climate change Dr. Peter Moyle is a professor of fish biology at UC Davis who has been working with freshwater fishes of California since 1969, and is affiliated with the UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences and the Department of Wildlife, […]

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Panel discussion: The impacts of climate change on water resources


Peter Gleick, Noah Diffenbaugh, Wade Crowfoot, and Solomon Hsiang discuss the current drought and climate change, focusing on water resources, climate risks, economic impacts, and policy solutions The Hamilton Project at Brookings and the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment hosted the forum, New Directions for U.S. Water Policy, in October of last year, which focused on the release of […]

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Pat Mulroy to California: Fix the Bay Delta

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Keynote speaker Pat Mulroy opens California Water Policy Conference with a stern warning: California must fix the Bay Delta, because what happens in the Delta matters in Denver The California Water Policy Conference, now in its 24th year, opened on March 19th with keynote speaker Pat Mulroy.  The former general manager of the Southern Nevada Water Authority, Ms. Mulroy is […]

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Michael Anderson, State Climatologist: Climate, Drought, and Change

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The state climatologist discusses the current drought and the signs of climate change. Is the current drought a harbinger of the future? With the winter season once again seemingly passing California by, officials are bracing for a fourth year of drought.  Earlier this month, the Public Policy Institute of California held a half-day conference in Sacramento focusing on how the […]

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Dr. Dan Cayan: Climate Change and California’s Water: What Challenges Can We Anticipate?


Dr. Dan Cayan is the director of the Climate Change Center at Scripps and also concurrently holds a research position in the USGS Water Resources division.   At the November meeting of the Delta Stewardship Council, he gave an overview of California’s climate variability and of the current state of knowledge of the potential impacts of climate change on the state’s […]

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California’s drought: A result of natural hydrologic variability, climate change, or both?

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With exceptionally dry conditions continuing with really no end in sight, drought was the main topic at the San Gabriel Valley Water Forum held October 2nd in Pomona.  The forum brought together experts and local water officials to discuss the multiple impacts of drought and how region can best be prepared. The forum opened with a panel of experts discussing […]

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Brown Bag Seminar: Climate, drought, and change


California is one of a handful of Mediterranean climates in the world, characterized by hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters.  The state depends on a few big winter storms to provide the runoff needed to satisfy water demands in the summer and fall.  However, the last three years, fewer storms have traveled through, leading to severe drought, and some […]

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Maven’s Minutes: Climate change research and California’s water resources

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At the National Water Research Institute’s Drought Response Workshop held in October of this year, Department of Water Resources climatologist Michael Anderson gave a presentation on some of the latest research regarding climate change and California’s water resources. Michael Anderson began with the happy news of what we can expect from climate change: “The future climate in terms of water […]

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Guest commentary: Latest International Climate Change Science Review Gets Underway Today – Previous Trends Confirmed

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From guest blogger Robert Shibatani: For those in the climate change field, the long-awaited date has arrived.  The international climate change community will be watching closely as events unfold in Stockholm, Sweden this week as the IPCC 36th Plenary Session is convened.  The Twelfth Session of Working Group I (WGI-12) will take place from September 23-26.  This Session of WGI […]

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