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Dec 01 2014

Dr. Dan Cayan: Climate Change and California’s Water: What Challenges Can We Anticipate?

Dr. Dan Cayan is the director of the Climate Change Center at Scripps and also concurrently holds a research position in the USGS Water Resources division.   At the November meeting of the Delta Stewardship Council, he gave an overview of California’s climate variability and of the current state of knowledge of the potential impacts of …

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Oct 13 2014

California’s drought: A result of natural hydrologic variability, climate change, or both?

With exceptionally dry conditions continuing with really no end in sight, drought was the main topic at the San Gabriel Valley Water Forum held October 2nd in Pomona.  The forum brought together experts and local water officials to discuss the multiple impacts of drought and how region can best be prepared. The forum opened with …

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Sep 29 2014

California Weather Blog: Special update: The Extraordinary California Drought of 2013-2014: Character, Context, and the Role of Climate Change

From Daniel Swain at the California Weather Blog: “This special update is a little different from what I typically post on the California Weather Blog. In the paragraphs below, I discuss results from and context for a study that my colleagues and I recently published in a special issue of the Bulletin of the American …

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Sep 08 2014

Brown Bag Seminar: Climate, drought, and change

California is one of a handful of Mediterranean climates in the world, characterized by hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters.  The state depends on a few big winter storms to provide the runoff needed to satisfy water demands in the summer and fall.  However, the last three years, fewer storms have traveled through, leading …

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May 26 2014

In her own words: Pat Mulroy: “Water management in the Wild West: Lessons Learned”

Here is Pat Mulroy, former General Manager of the Southern Nevada Water Authority, in her own words, speaking at the 2014 spring conference of the Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA): On February 6, I finally decided 25 years as general manager was enough. I was living ‘Groundhog Day,’ and the only variable was when …

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Mar 11 2014

Climate change and the Bay Delta Conservation Plan

At the February 25 meeting of Metropolitan Water District’s Special Committee on the Bay-Delta, Committee members heard a presentation how climate change is incorporated into the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP).  During the presentation, BDCP Project Manager Jennifer Pierre told Committee members that the BDCP itself was never meant to be a project that addresses …

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Nov 27 2013

Maven’s Minutes: Climate change research and California’s water resources

At the National Water Research Institute’s Drought Response Workshop held in October of this year, Department of Water Resources climatologist Michael Anderson gave a presentation on some of the latest research regarding climate change and California’s water resources. Michael Anderson began with the happy news of what we can expect from climate change: “The future …

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Sep 23 2013

Guest commentary: Latest International Climate Change Science Review Gets Underway Today – Previous Trends Confirmed

From guest blogger Robert Shibatani: For those in the climate change field, the long-awaited date has arrived.  The international climate change community will be watching closely as events unfold in Stockholm, Sweden this week as the IPCC 36th Plenary Session is convened.  The Twelfth Session of Working Group I (WGI-12) will take place from September …

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Jun 11 2013

Blog round-up: Bloggers on BDCP costs and benefits, Delta dialogues, a revuelta, climate change and the new normal, and more!

While most reservoirs around the state don’t look too bad, the same can’t be said for San Luis Reservoir, only at 34% of capacity when this picture was taken on Sunday.  However, this week’s blog round-up is filled to capacity.  Here’s what everyone had to say: $55 billion is really what the BDCP will cost, …

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Jun 04 2013

Blog round-up: Bloggers on the BDCP, fish screens, climate change and native fishes, restructuring the SWP and more!

The BDCP faces a geographic fight, says John Wildermuth over at Fox & Hounds, although they say the politics of geography has nothing to do with it:  ” …  Brown’s people say independent studies show the water project will bring the state at least $5 billion in benefits over the 50-year life of the project. …

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Jul 16 2012

Los Angeles, other cities collaborate on climate adaptation strategies

“Climate change is the defining problem of our time, and how we adapt will determine our longevity as a species,” said Nancy Steele, Executive Director for the Council for Watershed Health, as she welcomed the attendees of the “Mediterranean Cities: A Conference on Climate Change Adaption,” held last month in downtown Los Angeles. The three-day …

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