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    Tag Archive: Central Valley Project

    Aug 18 2014

    This just in … California Sportfishing Protection Alliance files complaint against DWR and USBR for illegal diversion of water; also files petition for adjudication of Central Valley waters

    From the California Sporfishing Protection Alliance, this press release: The California Sportfishing Protection Alliance (CSPA) has filed a formal complaint with the State Water Resources Control Board (Water Board) alleging that the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) and U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) have been illegal diverting and exporting water for which they have …

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    Feb 28 2014

    State Water Board issues notice of additional modifications to the order approving a temporary urgency change for SWP and CVP

    From the State Water Resources Control Board: “On January 29, 2014, the Department of Water Resources (DWR) and the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) jointly filed a Temporary Urgency Change Petition (TUCP) that requested the State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) to temporarily modify water right permit and license terms for the Central …

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    Feb 21 2014

    Farm organizations, Feinstein react to announcement of zero allocation

    Today, the Bureau of Reclamation announced the initial Central Valley Project allocations, giving no water to North of Delta and South of Delta ag contractors, 50% for CVP M&I contractors, and 40% for wildlife refuges and settlement contractors.  Here are the statements I’ve received or found so far, listed in alphabetical order.  More will be …

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    Feb 21 2014

    Reclamation announces initial 2014 Central Valley Project Water Supply Allocation: 0% for North of Delta, South of Delta ag; 50% for M&I

    From the Bureau of Reclamation: The Bureau of Reclamation today announced the initial 2014 water supply allocation for Central Valley Project agricultural contractors, municipal and industrial contractors and federal refuges. The California Department of Water Resources reports that snowpack and precipitation in the Sierra Nevada are historically low and the snow-water content statewide stands at …

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    Feb 17 2014

    Reclamation notifies San Joaquin River Exchange Contractors Authority that they will only receive 40% of their entitlement, far below their contractual 75% critical year entitlement

    The Bureau of Reclamation has notified the San Joaquin River Exchange Contractors Authority (Exchange Contractors) that due to the exceptionally dry conditions, the Exchange Contractors will only be receiving 40% (or 336,000 acre-feet) this year, far below their 75% (or 650,000 acre-feet) critical year entitlement that is specified in their contracts. The San Joaquin River …

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    Jan 25 2014

    Letter: State legislators write Bureau of Reclamation: “It would be unconscionable for the Bureau not to honor rescheduled water from the 2013-2014 contract year.”

    A group of state legislators has written the Bureau of Reclamation’s Commissioner Michael Connor and Regional Director David Murillo expressing their concerns about the possibility of rescheduled water held over from last year not being available this year.  They say it would be ‘unconscionable’ for the Bureau not to honor the rescheduled water. “Many growers …

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    Jul 01 2013

    Maven’s Minutes: Delta Stewardship Council hears about dry conditions and Shasta’s cold water pool, plus the Delta Watermaster’s latest report

    The operators of the State Water Project and the Central Valley Project have concerns that the releases of water now from Shasta Dam to maintain water quality standards in the Delta are jeopardizing the cold water pool needed to support salmon spawning in the fall, leading the State Water Board to agree to allow the …

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    Dec 20 2012

    Report Summary: Term 91 and Delta flow requirements

    Delta by DWR

    The State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) is required by law to establish flow and water quality objectives that ensure the reasonable protection of beneficial uses.  With the revision of the Bay-Delta Water Quality Control Plan underway, and even the State Water Board itself admitting in a 2010 report, “The best available science suggests …

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